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Codman Academy Charter Public School Reviews

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Codman is the perfect school on paper. We have AP and honors classes, exploratory learning, and college prep. Although it all sounds nice, the reality is another story. Our teachers are constantly leaving and principals are never permanent. You'd be lucky if someone stayed for your entire high school career. You can't blame the teachers for leaving since the kids have no structure from growing up in violent cities. It's almost always chaotic and It's difficult to focus in the environment we're in. It's a tiny school. Only a few classes have windows and we're inside the entire time unless you're a ninth grader. Upper class men don't have gym, we have to go on our own time for credit. You don't switch classes until the next year. You have to go every class with the same people all day and it gets intolerable if problems arise. We try to escape through sports but that aspect of the school is terribly underfunded. The school has no dances or spirit week.
I like that Codman Academy creates a family in the high school years. When I graduate it will be with the same friends I met in the ninth grade. The teachers become part of your personal life as well as in school. The genuinely care about what is happening in my life. We have weekend trips and we actually have fun learning this way.
I appreciate the many enrichment opportunities that I have been able to take part by being a student at Codman, but there hasn't been an effective effort to increase the level of education.
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My experience at Codman Academy has been ok. I would say my first two years here were excellent then it just died down. I would like to see a change in teachers being more strict on their students. I feel like Codman has changed on being as strict and that affected how the students act. Other then that I had a great experience here with the education and with the students.
The school help the students by making them apply to 7 colleges as a requirement and every Thursday they help you apply for scholarships. You can apply for office hours throughout the week to retake test or study more. We have Saturday school that consist in academics or workshops like music production or dance.
This Boston Public School works like your typical charter school. With uniforms and different education systems. However, it's a junk food free zone to ensure students lose weight within their years of attending. You can makeup assignments missed or failed tests. Every Friday school is only 3 hours long for field trips, or labs. 100% of the students go to college thanks to the in-school College Advisers. And alumni are free to return for any more help and guidance. Kids are pressed for responsibility and adulthood in the Upper School. The Lower School caters to K-12. All of the classes are Honors or AP classes, so colleges see that as an added plus.
I like the small community environment of the school. I love the support you get from teachers and faculty they all show love and care and they don't let you give up. I love the fact that you get to revise work they give you the chance of passing it's always open you just have to apply yourself it's a lot of hard work but teachers stay after school or come in before school to give us that extra support.
We have mandatory Saturday classes that run as Tutoring for Freshman and Sophomores, while it becomes Saturday courses for Juniors and Seniors. The course I attended was a Debate class at Harvard, and the last class was a fieldtrip to Middlesex Private school where we met with a debate club. We also have in-school clubs, every Wednesday, that are randomly assigned, but you can change clubs with a simple email. But they do encourage you to give it a try. We also have Fieldworks, where we have fields trips, chemistry lab or workshops--all from 9 to 12.
I think this school is pretty amazing. I personally delt with a lot of hardships like depression and anxiety, the school didn't leave me out to dry. The old school I went to, John D. O'bryant, seem to put a lid on having these issues and it was crippling me as a student. I basically brought that baggage to Codman, and it was like that baggage was slowly being pulled from my shoulders. The teachers are really corny, but they're cool people. They talk to you like a human being and your best interest is their best interest. There aren't any bad apples, maybe the difficult students but in time those people won't matter because you'll find a larger group of friends to support you and cherish you.
We use laptops very often and use programs like Google Docs, Excel or Powerpoint. We also use it to visit sites that help guide us and further understand class demonstrations, especially in Chemistry. We also have College class every thursday where our Guidance counselor meets with us to teach us about SATs, GPA and college / career paths. The teachers also participate as Crew leaders, groups of same sex students meet separately to share their Highs and Lows of the day and receive advice and comfort from the crew leader. The teachers also participate in Community Circle, a small hour performance and announcement ceremony every Thursday. The teachers also hold Office Hours, where students stay after school with the teacher assigned that day to go over anything missed in class.
I tend to feel very safe when im at school, because of not only staff but students that are willing to help.
The school offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities and clubs for students.
So far it's been a great experience and I cant wait to continue it.
Teachers are frequently interested in the student.
Best school I've been to so far. Codman Academy offers me many thing to be prepared for college and the future
The teachers are supportive but the schools does not help upperclassmen with academically besides office hours.
At Codman Academy extracurricular activities are always an option. Sports, wellness, and activities are available all year round and it makes every student be involved in some kind of way.
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Coming in as a freshmen, I would never see myself as the person I am today. I've had the best experiences at Codman but what high school doesn't have bad experiences. Having those bad experiences have helped me grow as a student and as an individual.
Codman is a junk food free area. We eat lunches plus breakfast that provide a balance nutrition.
If you came into Codman as a "bad student", Codman would help you change your ways so that by the time you apply to colleges, you'll be able to show the best you.
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