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Average Coconut Creek students have potential but don’t use it and so limits the success of the teachers, students and ultimately the school.
Coconut Creek High like a community. Mostly everyone cares and looks out for one another. What I would like to see changed are teaching methods and school spirit. Also, the staff is not the greatest and definitely not always the nicest.
The best thing about Coconut Creek High School is the students. They make the school what it is. Despite the rumors that it is a "bad" school, the students really show that the school is much better than people think. One thing I would change about the school is it's look. Their is nothing wrong with it, however there is room for improvement.
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When I first got to coconut creek, I wasn't happy I was there. I got to know to school more and got involved with the JROTC program and I changed my opinion about creek. Overall, coconut creek is pretty chill compared to some other schools. I would most definitely like to see the food change. The food is not good... but I'm pretty sure that most schools.
it is an overall good experience with great teachers and administrators to get students ready for college
I like that Coconut Creek High School don’t want you to fail , they’ll do everything in their power to help you succeed, it’s up to you whether or not you’re going to help yourself. What I would like to see change about the school is the school spirit. Have more pep rally’s , announce weeks or months before a school event is even set so you won’t have to push a date so far back.
Overall it's not a bad school just the reputation it held before a lot of parents don't want to sent their kids there even though it's their home school. Creek has mostly good teachers some don't teach but most of them do when students show they want to be successful. They have a variety of programs now that range from mechanics to nursing. The sports teams at creek are good and coaching staff are great and would get you where you want to be. What needs to change is the school spirit including more peprallies and support at sport games.
my experience at coconut creek high was an high school experience . I have my high and lows but overall I can say that im glad that I attended this school. it help me grow as an young adult and build my character . I would recommend students to go here because not everything is easy in life you have to work and earn it and that's what this school taught me.
Coconut Creek High School is tough school. It's very easy to get distracted by learning from kids who simply have no interest in graduating. Some teachers are truly there for a paycheck and lack a care for students. The school overall was in bad shape. The hallways smelled of urine and the stairways were plagued with (hopefully not used) condoms. I graduated this summer and really hope this year they started to do improvements. Students always say how much they hate the school and desperately want to leave. Major improvements for the school would have to be: Better teachers, stricter security, updated resources and better school spirit!
I had a really good experience at Coconut Creek High School. I met a lot of new people and friends that I hope to see again after graduation. The teachers are amazing, most of them; they really help you to achieve your goals. My Brace Advisor helped me a lot with my college applications process and my graduation requirements. Coconut Creek High School has a lot of issues but I'll never forget the awesome experiences that I had. I'm a senior about to leave and to be honest I just want to go back to freshman year so I could enjoy high school all over one more time.
The school in its self is not as bad as many people say it is it just... do your work try your best and you will have a decent time make sure you are in honors class. and in my personal experience never take normal classes that's where creek gets its bad name from the bad students. But no you never hear about the good students that go to creek now do you, but hey that's my option.
I like most about my school is the attention and assistance to the students and i would like the school grounds to improve.
I have been going to Coconut Creek High for 3 years now, and i would say that changes have been made significantly. The school have been updated with new construction, new paint, and technology. This school really push students to go to college and gets them ready for the journey ahead. They really want us to be successful in life and to make something good out of it. Coconut Creek High doesn't only get you ready for college but if offers so many extra curricular activities, for example clubs like: Key Club, National Honor Society and 21st Century. Coconut Creek High is a good school and hopefully the students who go there appreciate what the school is trying to do for them.
Coconut Creek High School was a bittersweet moment for me these past two years. Some of the staff that I had a pleasure meeting have been absolutely helpful and understanding with any questions and concerns I brought to their attention, others not so much. I especially appreciate the student counselor who has been extremely helpful in making sure I get any academic help I need. The sanitation of the school could be a little better but I'm sure that's a problem at any public school. Right now the school is doing some improvements and I have to say I do hope things get better in the near future.
Coconut Creek High School is a highly diverse school with many different cultures and customs mixed together. It has an accepting environment for different group of people such as the LGBT community and those with disabilities and have a Magnet & AVID program. Although, they promote the students to be “college bound”, they do lack in way of communication. Some students are unaware of how they get involved due to the lack of information about clubs, activities, sports and other in school activities.
The school is very dirty (especially the restrooms ) and many of the teachers are very rude and the books are very old and it has many annoying rules and the computers are very cheap and old and they spend there money on unnecessary things.
The school staff really cares about students academically and wants to see this excel so they can go to college. The school does need renovation, it looks terrible.
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I like that at coconut creek all the advisors and administrators try to get to know the student, that way they will be able to help find the best for the student to succeed. Also if you are a good student your teacher will take time out of their free time to help you in anyway you may need.
Coconut Creek High School to me is a very good school because the staff there really do care about their students and want them to advance in life. However, there are times when students can be disrespectful but overlooking that, there is more positive then negative.
I love my school and it has come a long way from having a reputation for having only none performing students to having performing students. We still have a bit of challenges with some students but the culture is changing, the students want to learn and there are more academic programs being provided.

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