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Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I like that CBH has student going there from all over the county. They have the International Baccalaureate and very good teachers. They have a very good chemistry program and the students are very friendly. The administration is very unorganized however, and they are not on top of things. There is very little communication with the parents or students and I have had to email the same people multiple times before getting a response.
I was enrolled in the IB program at Cocoa Beach and I found it helpful with preparing for the rigor of college. I had an awesome time at the school and really enjoyed that it was so close to the beach! I loved the atmosphere and the people I met. They are still my friends after meeting in 7th grade!
Cocoa Beach has a lively and unique student body. Never have I seen a more obnoxious and disrespectful group of teenagers in my life, than Cocoa Beach's student section at the football games, but never have I met such inquisitive, proactive learners. Sure there are cliques and jerks and a surplus of vaping addicts, but the school also has kind and interesting, multi-faceted students. The teachers for IB classes are phenomenal, however the administration lacks professionalism and determination. One can spend weeks trying to arrange a meeting with Guidance, only to be told in that meeting to "come back another time." Administration frequently goes too far when dealing with minor disciplinary issues, but fails to deal with major problems.
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The school has a lot of spirit, great classes, wonderful teachers, and very good education system. I admit there are some faults in the school, that could be changed, but nothing is perfect. The school's lunch is some issue, as a majority of the time, the food is poorly prepared or not fully cooked. There are some staff members who don't always have the best attitudes, but for the most part, the staff is wonderful and people in this school are very friendly. I definitely give this school are high ranking, because it is amazing.
The people are definitely very friendly. I think it is one of the most diverse public schools I know. Everyone is very accepting and open with one another. The academics is also really good. They have the IB program and have good teachers that are experts in their subjects. However, the administration is very lacking. They struggle with organization and really keeping track of their students. They messed up my classes often when I first moved into the school.
It's a very nice school; it is very safe and everyone knows each other. The small population allows for many friends and fun times. The teachers are (for the most part) great and personable. Everyone watches over each other.
The academics at this school are excellent. However, the athletics vary from good to very poor based upon the sport. I would recommend this school to others, with the caveat that they should not expect much from the sports and definitely enroll in the IB program or dual enroll, and take advantage of AP classes.
Cocoa Beach JR/SR High School is a very nice educational establishment for being a public school. It offers a variety of programs for any student's further success, such as IB diploma and many AP studies. Some teachers are very understanding and will always strive to develop relationships with their students. The school has a very well-established sports life, and many students are truly dedicated when it comes to helping their High School succeed in sports.
I love the teachers and faculty at Cocoa Beach High School. They really improved my high school experience and made coming to school every day a little bit more fun. It is easy to see the teachers who truly care about their students and want to make a difference on campus and in the students' lives. If there was anything I could change about my high school, it would be the campus culture. While we are a very laid-back, relaxed beach town, I wish our school focused more on education and academics. Cocoa Beach High School's faculty is very supportive of athletes but rarely do we see that same kind of supportive attitude toward our academic scholars. Regardless, I truly appreciate everything I have learned in my six years attending Cocoa Beach High. I will never forget all the memories I have made and all the wonderful relationships I have built with the students, teachers, and faculty. I am proud to be in the Cocoa Beach Junior/Senior High School Class of 2017!
I like that there are many academic pathways you can take at this school whether it be IB, AP, Dual Enrollment, or Honors classes for students to choose from. Something I would like to see change is transportation for dual enrolled students to get to and from the college campus so this program is more accessible.
Cocoa Beach High School is a great school overall. I was in the International Baccalaureate Programme and found this extremely helpful with preparing me for college. Students who graduate from Cocoa Beach IB attend top notch universities such as University of Florida, Tulane, Georgetown, and Yale. However, I had difficulty with getting the administration to help me when I was being bullied by a group of girls. I really hope Cocoa Beach has more incoming IB students, because the school may lose the IB program, one of the only outstanding choice programs in the county. I hope IB, despite its stressful nature, will be able to nurture young minds for many more years to better prepare them for the college experience.
The IB program has amazing teachers and excellent curriculum. They really want to see you succeed and will help you as much as they can. Personally, I believe doing AP or dual enrollment is better that IB because more credits are accepted because they are American based. The IB program however gives excellent preparation and assures you the bright futures scholarship.
Cocoa Beach was really good for getting me ready for college. I enrolled into the IB program which enabled me to be as prepared as possible. As far as the teachers go, most of them are amazing an will help a student at any cost to make sure they succeed.
I've spent 3 years at this school and I enjoyed it. The school is nice with a half open environment. The only downside is when it rains or it gets cold out. The teachers (for the most part) care about their students and how to help them achieve their goals. This year, the new principal was pretty cool and lenient on rules, but the new dean isn't as good as Mr. Barton was in previous years. The sports teams aren't that great and there aren't too many clubs to join. However the overall experience was pretty nice.
Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School has been a great experience for me, from athletics to the education experience and even the personal connection with the teachers. It's like a family here, a small school and everybody knows each other. It's definitely helped with learning and feeling comfortable with the environment around you while trying to learn. If you come here to Cocoa Beach and you want to learn and be excellent in school, this high school is the place for you. Expect nothing but great people, a great environment, and great opportunities.
CBHS has a ton of beach pride that everyone shares. It has a pretty nice atmosphere, even though some of the teachers aren't that great. There are a few though, that are amazing and you will remember them for the rest of your life.
I loved the overall aspect with how much emphasis and importance they put into academics but a downside to that is that sports for the most part is pushed away and not looked at as a vital part to the schools overall success. I also wish there was more emphasis put on the school pride.
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Attended CBHS for all six years, and I thought it was a great school for the IB program because you were able to meet students who were not in the program and socialized with people from all different backgrounds. I think it is great how they have these advanced programs and the school because it allows kids to work hard and focus together. The location is great, the teachers were always respectful and it was an easy transition from elementary school to middle/high school.
It's not bad. It gets a bit annoying when you're a 17/18 years old and you share a school with 12/13 year olds, but it's tolerable. My teachers are great and I've made some good friends here. So overall not a terrible experience
I really do love my school. It's very small, barely 1,000 students total over the span on 6 grade levels, which some people wouldn't really like, but I do. I know almost everyone in my senior class, which is really nice because we're all very close, seeing as we live in a very close nit community. My school is a very positive environment, there's not really much bullying going on, and if there is it's taken care of very quickly. Overall I love my school and wouldn't rather be going anywhere else.
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