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Cocke County High School Reviews

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I had a well rounded experience by choosing to participate in community service activities, sports, and music. It kept me focused and driven to succeed!
Cocke County High School was unique compared to a lot of other high schools I've been to. Many students there excelled in vocational and agricultural classes due to the school being located in a rural area, and placed in many CTE state competitions. The school has even won first place multiple times in state ROTC competitions. What I loved the most about this school is being in their choir. To me it was one of the best choirs around. Some of the teachers at this school have helped me grow and become the person I am now. This is truly a great school.
Racist and homophobia is strong here but you can hate who ya want right sis ? The only thing I love about this school is the pep club.
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I really loved Cocke County High School, its a great school and learn a lot from it. I just wished they had a lot more classes that would help us out in the real world, but besides that it is a really great school.
Better incentives on academics such as awards, recognition and display. Cleaner facilities would be amazing
I like that the school sends out weekly emails regarding up-and-coming important dates and school events. School Counselors do not follow through with their duties as needed, especially with DE classes, etc. The student and parents are not properly informed of the process and grading system.
Cocke County High really needs more academically challenging courses. That's what I hear complained about most. Since it's a decently small high school your able to have a close relationship with your teachers. Also our community is poor we have free lunch which is pretty okay for being free, but it still is pretty sad what we have to eat. When I use the bathroom there is almost always something wrong. The door to the stall won't lock, the handle on the facet fell off(not joking), or there isn't any soap, paper towels, or mirrors. Diversity isn't the schools fault its just the community of a small poor Tennessee town. I still love the High School it has been a great experience for me. That doesn't mean it doesn't have its problems.
At Cocke County High School, the community there is very connected and takes part in a large amount of service projects to aid the community outside of school. However, many things about the school is very poor, including but not limited to: teachers and their ability, administration leadership and involvement, school building quality and cleanliness, and outdated resources. I would love to see these and many other factors to improve, but the school district is in a very improvised county (80% of population is under the poverty line), and therefore is very difficult for the school to gain improvements. I would recommended Cocke County High School to those who want a very connected and caring school community but not to those increased in college preparedness.
The school itself is quite decent. I feel as if I'm mostly ready for college. However I wish that my school administration would have let me know about more college classes this school had to offer, instead of me finding out for myself.
I think they care more about sports than they do their academics. That I am aware of there are maybe 5 or 6 teachers that care about your future and not just about getting you out of their class. If they want to be as healthy as they say they are they should have a salad bar.
What I liked about Cocke County High school is the amount of people that I knew. We all grew up and attended the same high school. Cocke County High school, however, does have its ups and downs. Considering it's isn't known for its cleanliness or the smartest students in East Tennessee. Although, we do have some bad reviews we still do our best in the county that we live in. Our clubs such as: beta club and key club take the time to volunteer around the area and try to make Newport a better and safe community to grow up in. We do have a lot of teachers that make sure each student receives the knowledge that is meant to be received and also, they do care for the students. Each teacher shows sympathy and solitude for each student. We (students) abide by the rules and regulations. We respect the staff and also stand for No Bullying. As far as respect and the unity, we do have a great sportsmanship for other schools.
There is a clinic inside the school that is available a few days per week.
There are a lot of organizations but they don't appeal to all types of groups.
Parents at this school either are involved completely or don't care at all about their children.
I love some of the teachers I've had, they're amazing. Others however have either not cared or have not put any effort towards teaching.
If you get sick at school and need to see the school nurse you are usually out of luck. It seems like she's never here and no other teachers can give you medicine to help you feel better.
I have stayed after school for "tutoring" before and I didn't learn anything at all. The teacher told me I was a smart student and didn't bother helping me even though I was struggling in the class.
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I feel like students that struggle in class get more attention than students like me who understand the majority of the things taught. This is good for the students struggling but I would have liked a little more help too.
Some teachers here try their hardest, while the majority don't even remember all the students names.
I have had many great experiences at Cchs. For example, friday night football games cheering in the stands. I've enjoyed being in advanced chorus and meeting so many amazing people in choir. I love going to the Jb Lyle choir festival and going to our concerts.
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