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Cochrane Collegiate Academy Reviews

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I LOVE IT AND IM THANKFUL FOR THIS SCHOOL! WITHOUT THIS SCHOOL I WOULDN'T HAVE MADE IT. Cochrane Is a prestigious campus, the campus is amazing the staff Is great. I went to Garinger my first year of high school and my strength wasn't durable. I was always In something and It was too much of a huge environment for me, I was very uncomfortable. When I attended Cochrane my sophomore year I actually had teachers that cared for my education just as much as I do. None of my teachers quit on me and that showed a lot! they worked with me In my weakest moments they helped me better myself. If I stayed at Garinger I feel as If I would've failed.
The teachers at this school really care about every single student and do everything they can to help them succeed. It's amazing!
Teachers at this school do not have the support they need. Students do as they please. They do not respect teachers and staff members. Teachers are constantly complaining about administrators and how they handle tough situations.
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The teachers and staff are dedicated to their students, and provide them all the necessary tools to be successful in their educational futures. They started off rocky, but have continued to Learn and prosper like all institutions should.
I've been at Cochrane Collegiate Academy since 6th grade and I believe that it's a great school. Considering the many bad reviews I was given of this school when I first began it surprised me how inaccurate most of them were. The teacher all care for the students and they all want to see them succeed.
Teachers are very kind as well as staff members, classes could be less stuffy though and I believe that overall the classes should be smaller. There should also be more security for the middle school, as there are constant fights breaking out. The high school, iMeck Academy, is very nice and I love the blended learning environment.
As a graduate from iMeck Academy (the high school part), I loved the school.
The teachers are great at there job and made me enjoy coming to school while showing to me the importance of education. The only "down side" is that the school was not well funded, so we didn't have as many resources as other schools in the district.
My experience at CCA was wonderful, I made great relationships with my classmates, teachers, and administrative staff and am proud to say I will be returning next year as a sophomore.
CCA isn't the worst but its definitely not the best. I've been here for 3 years and glad I'm leaving for High School next year. This place is the worst if you don't have any friends. The bullying at this school is ridiculous! Everyone is so close minded and can't accept the differences in people. Choose your friends wisely!!!
The Academics here is good as long as you're paying attention, it's verrrrry easy to get distracted. The best class is Mr. Curry's Band. He wants the best for his student's and will provide you with info on what High School or College you want to go to in the future. The concerts are fun and energetic. Overall, CCA is for the underachievers. You really have to rise above the ignorance and apply yourself. Cochrane will break you if you're sensitive.
It's almost to easy to get good grades in most of the classes. The teachers dont give many tests and whe they do the teachers will replace them so many students dont try because they know they will be able to make up the exam
There isn't a lot of problems at the school safety wise however there are security all around that make sure that nothing happens and we have a lot of resources just in case someone gets hurt.
There isn't a lot extracurricular activities and the ones that we do have a very limited about of students attend them. There isn't any real sports at are schools either. Its almost like we are still in middle school. If it wasn't for the students and teachers I probably would have left.
The students at this school are amazing it was almost like were a family however we lacked a lot of this that many other high schools have such as clubs, pep rallies and homecomings. To me those things didn't really matter but I know that it mattered to the other students.
Most of the teachers at my school have great relationships with the students. I truly can tell that they care about all their students and want them to succeed. However I do feel like they were a little too lenient with the grades. If a majority of the students didn't do their work they would extend the deadline which by the end of the year made the students become very lazy since we knew that we would have an extension.
The whole thing is good, not bad
Teacher willing to help students all the time
The safety just fine, every time a fight happened , security always be there in one minute . so this school is safety. and for health, the food in this school just nasty.
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This school dont have enough clue to join and more of them are crap
the drugs are out of hand
the y are very lazy at this school
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