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The teachers are very much committed to educating your child. They want the best for their students.
They have a great school environment. Everyone here is very friendly and it probably as drama free as a high school can be. There is a lot of focus on the arts with the New Hampshire required classes in the mornings and all electives in the afternoon. There is at least one music class for every elective block and two for some of them. There is also a lot of good art classes and one as a main class for freshmen that was very helpful for improving my art.
The community is very tight knit, everyone gets along and there are very few problems between students. The teachers are amazing and will answer any and all questions and help you no matter what you need. The arts are an integral part of this school, and your creativity is encouraged and celebrated. I highly recommend this school!
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Great teachers, but that's the only positive you'll find about the school. Passive-aggression runs rampant amongst students and the useless administration alike. CATA has a knack for weeding out any good individuals in their student body, creating a cesspool of mentally stunted young adults who feed off of each other's immaturity. This environment has increased in severity in the most recent years, as the few good ones who were able to survive this mess of a school have graduated. Another thing, calling CATA an "Arts" school is a joke. They have less art programming in their course catalog than the local public high school, and the director has lost sight of the school's mission by accepting students who don't care about art. Freedom of expression in the classroom allowed the good to shine from every budding individual- but that's fallen by the wayside as it's become a breeding ground for invertebrates who just don't like doing work. If you value your time, choose a different school.
I love this school so much, they've prepared me to take on college. In the fall, thanks to this school, I will be attending Southern Vermont College.
Amazing teachers and courses. Everyone goes out of their way to help you succeed. School director is a wonderful person.
Could be more security, if we had the money for it.
Very cliquey clubs. A lot of student's dont get included unless they're friends with the 'popular' kids in school. Clubs tend to fold very often as well.
Best teachers I've had since 2nd grade. Very devoted and kind.
We don't have an official school nurse. Whoever is working in the front office usually doubles as our nurse, giving kids bandaids or Aleve. This isn't ideal, but I can't think of a time where a student urgently needed a licensed nurse and suffered from not having one.
CATA has the most accepting student body you'll find. People come to CATA for acceptance, and they feel much more validated than they would have at a traditional public school. There are only about 70 kids per year, which has benefits and disadvantages. The community is very tight-knit, but when there is a falling out, the entire school feels the aftermath. Still, the strong majority of CATA will agree that they've benefited from a small community.
CATA's classes are very small, so everyone get individual attention. Teachers will know a student's learning style, academic goals, and even what is going on in their student's outside life. There is a big emphasis on creativity and teamwork.
The quality of my teachers at Cocheco are incredible. The range of teaching styles is wide which makes it interesting and spontaneous. Not only are they there to teach, they are there to learn from the students as well, they speak to us like fellow friends and they are interested in everything we have to say. Communication is embraced and supported.
I haven't participated in any of our current clubs, but I have noticed that they bring the students who are members together!
CATA is an extremely unique school. There are usually only 60 or 70 students each year, so we're a very tight knit community. Every student is unique, and we're accepting of each other.

One of my favorite experiences was a singing class I took my freshman year. I didn't come to CATA for singing or acting, but the class made me love performing so much that I went on to become an actor, and now I've been accepted to an amazing 4-year theatre program in New York.

I've developed amazing relationships with my teachers, too. They've taught me a lot, but most importantly they made me want to keep learning and engaging myself.
Since CATA is such a small school, our teachers have the opportunity to know each student well and cater to their needs. Our teachers understand that one student's success does not look the same as another's. Our classes have a very modern structure where our teachers are less of a looming authority figure and more of a guide in our learning.
CATA started out being a pretty nice school both academically and attitude wise. Now it's a former shadow of itself.

Poor academic choices. Poor Administration. Poor general attitude among students. Too many students do not belong in this school but are allowed to attend because the school needs warm bodies to keep it's doors open. No discipline and no consequences for bad behavior. Poor facilities and almost zero extracurricular activities and those available are poorly run, mostly by students. Everything is about money and last minute.

Director is a poor decision maker. Actually he's a no decision maker! The office area is like a zoo if you need to go in to pick up your child for an appointment. Students hanging around and secretary hangs out with them. Zero school security. Anyone can walk into the building at any time and roam around.

The teachers are the only bright spot but they generally have to deal with disruptive behavior instead of teaching. Students are very disrespectful to their peers and staff alike. Teachers are great about challenging students who want to learn if they can find those kids in the craziness.

Not sure what happened to this school. Had a student graduate a few years ago to great success. Current student will probably be taking community college classes to bride the gap between what is offered here for classes and what is needed for a 4 year college degree.

I'd not recommend this school until they figure out what they want to be and they make Admin changes. Director and guidance counselor both need to go.
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The staff does their best to support our health and safety with the resources they have.
Overall, though it has it's issues, my life would be very different without this school, and for the worse. I really do enjoy it there, and I think with a little polish it would be perfect.
There is a lack of bullying. The principal is very difficult to approach. The Guidance Counselor is often not very helpful. The dress code is made our responsibility and there are many announcements made about it, the same as with attendance.
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