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We all know that school is not an enjoyable experience for everyone and I especially know that. Moving schools was a hard thing to experience for me going into Freshman year. If it hadn't been for the support and understanding that was given to me by the staff, I don't know whether I would have been able to succeed. The people that surround you on a daily basis in a school setting, like the teachers and counselors, have the opportunity to alter your experiences for the 180 days a year that you are there. For this I can say, that without a doubt, that I appreciated every little detail that they worked through to make my high school experience as enjoyable as possible. Their determination and hard work that they entail are only for the benefit of us students succeeding. They strive to not "make" but, help each student reach their potential and for that I am thankful. A great school, full of great staff and opportunities that shouldn't be turned down.
My time as a student in Cocalico High School was pretty great. I liked pretty much all of my teachers and every teacher was willing to help with any questions. There are many extracurricular activities to do also. I've always felt safe while at school and there is even a police officer for security throughout the building. I'd say I have done a great job throughout high school and even finished with an average of a 3.9 GPA. Overall, Cocalico High School is a very professional and great school to attend.
Cocalico senior Highschool was an Excellent experience. Each teacher had their own unique way of teaching , they very helpful, and understanding towards their students. Their were great teachers for support systems and the students were easy to get along with. The school system was not hard to understand, and since the school is kind of small, each class with the same genre were in the same area which allowed freshman to feel more comfortable with the school.
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It was a very friendly community. Staff were nice and always trying to make a change for the better.
I like that Cocalico Senior High School is a pretty diverse, accepting community. Things I would like to see change, is the teacher involvement in issues in school and justice for victims among bullies in the school.
I like Cocalico School District and I have been in the Cocalico School District since childhood. I like the teachers and the different resources you have to help you with assignments. The faculty is very nice and they help you along the way if you are having problems with something. I would not have chosen any other school district to go to than this one. Within the last couple years the school has been updated a lot which helps with your experience transitioning from the middle school to the highschool.
All the teachers are nice and every one else is nice! Great place, you don't ever see bullying. Every one has each others back.
Cocalico Senior High School is a great place to become a better student and to learn more. The administration is always helpful and the teachers work diligently to provide the best education they can.
Overall, my time at Cocalico High School was pretty good. The school has some teachers who truly care about each student, but also have many teachers who don't express much concern for students. The school has also had teachers who have been openly discriminatory towards students, but nothing of substance never came of it. There are programs for helping students who struggle with learning disorders and mental health issues, but they are not quite up to par. A lot of what you get out of your time at Cocalico Senior High is dependent on what classes you take. I took many upper level classes and am not struggling much in college, but some of my peers from Cocalico who didn't take these upper level classes struggle severely with simple things like writing a college essay.
Cocalico follows block scheduling which I like. A lot of AP classes as well as a good variety of electives are offered. I wish we, as students, had more say in the courses we take. I personally don't feel certain courses are of any benefit to me that I must take (like chemistry and physics, the required 9th grade music course).
I've grown up in Cocalico, and I've always loved it. When I got to high school, the administration was always kind to me, the teachers were always willing to feed my curiosity (which happened often), I was comfortable being myself, and I felt like I was being prepared for a life outside of high school after I graduate. I don't really know anything that I would like to see change because I believe it is a fantastic school and that it has prepared me for the amount of work I will receive when I walk into a classroom in college.
My family moved here from Philadelphia because they wanted better opportunities. My parents chose Cocalico School District because this school district is one of the best in the county, and it shows too. The teachers are great and the administration is fantastic. I'm glad to have gone to Cocalico Senior High School.
I loved being a part of the soccer team. They were like a second family and I loved being part of something bigger. Also, my senior year I was able to take part in the mentoring program and worked for half of a semester with the head of the IT department and worked on things that helped me learn more in the field I want to work in.
The staff and administration really make up what an amazing school this is. All of the teachers really do care about their students and their futures. The staff and administration do all they can do to guarantee a safe, comfortable, and beneficial learning space. Shame on those who don't take advantage of what this school gives their students.
The school is really nice, and the teachers really care about the students. The environment is safe and nurturing for the students.
All the staff there is very kind and caring. They give us access to a lot of resources to help us in any way possible.
This school was amazing! I started elementary school in Denver and i really can't say anything bad at all. All the teachers are amazing! I graduated and actually became friends with some of the closer teachers! I originally went to college to teach and i had my dream set on teaching there! My love for Biology started with the teacher and my love for teaching also started with the teacher! I cheered for Cocalico since i was a little thing and i think it's the best program in the district! I was honored to follow our football team to states too! I had an amazing GPA which really helped me in college and i wouldn't change a thing about this school... except maybe not making their cookies so addicting!!
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My experience at Cocalico is a positive one. The teachers strive to enrich the students lives. They want the students to be prepared for the future. This may involve college or some other form of education. It may also involve life outside of school, and being ready for the strife of being an adult. The school provides a variety of activities and ways for the students to get involved.
Some teachers are motivated to help students. Glad they offered AP classes. Did not feel that they pushed you to try harder and do your best, once becoming a senior I felt like they took a step back and just let me put my time in. Wished for a more mentor type experience. Put a lot of emphasis on football and less in academics. Located among farmlands hut most students want to go to college a d not just work at the local industries plants.
It was like an average high school. I had a decent experience here, I learned what I needed to and I am graduating soon so I will miss some of my peers. The food was not good at all but then again it's never five-star. The teachers weren't too bad, some needed to realize we are just teenagers and not walking encyclopedias, yet.
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