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What I like at Cobre High school is they offer college classes and other activities. One thing I like to see change is adding more clubs and see kids participate more.
Cobre High has school spirit and many students get involved in activities that the school has. However, Cobre has limited clubs and activities. Cobre High is a small school, so everyone knows each other. Some changes I would like to see for Cobre High are a remodeled building, more college readiness, better clubs and activities, and better school lunches.
CHS was based off of a culture within a culture of a small-town. It had great school spirit and was backed by a supportive community. Generations of families were connected through the graduating class of Cobre High and continued legacies through academics, sports, activities, and friendships.
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My experience at Cobre High school was average just like any other high school. It's is stereotyped to be for all the bad kids who are in gangs and what not. But this is not true at all. I believe Cobre is very accepting compared to other schools.
My experience at Cobre High School was very welcoming! Everybody knows everybody and there's never an unfamiliar face. The teachers and staff are dedicated to the fullest to giving the best possible education. There is many extra-curricular activities and traditions that keep everyone active in school functions. I have made so many memories here and overall have enjoyed my time here.
Cobre high school is not the best school to be at in New Mexico but it is the best for me. There has been some ups and downs throughout the 4 years I have been there and it has been a great year for me. School was an exciting time for me especially when I played sports. It’s not that often you hear people in New Mexico about cobre high school but it’s my place I grew up and I love it
Cobre High School is in Bayard New Mexico, and it is a really small populated school, that`s one of the things what I like about my high school. The teachers here are good at what they do, and know how to make it easy to teach students and to interest them. I have attended Cobre High School since I was a freshman, and I have learned a lot of things that I will help me in my future. The teachers also make sure the students fully understand what to do and how to do things before they move on to a different topic. I participate in the Marching / Concert Band here at Cobre High School. My overall experience in it is good. I have had so much fun being in it, and so far I have been a State Champ 2 years out of the 3 years I have been in it, I am working on my fourth year. I am also in NHS, and it is a really awesome experience for me. Cobre High School is a really old school, therefore that is something I would like to see change. I think a remodeled school be great for the students here.
Cobre High School is a great school overall, I'm a senior there so I've experienced much of what it has to offer. Academic wise we are a B school and we also require more credits to graduate than all schools in our district. Sports wise we have football, volleyball, wrestling, basketball, golf, and cross country. The teachers are usually very supportive and want the best for the students. Our councilor is always trying to help us in getting ready for college by helping us set up our act and sat tests and also helping us sign up for various scholarships. The building has not been remodeled in a long time but still functions well and has all the neccesaties a high school needs.
My experience at cobre high school was a good experience because most of the people are nice and hard working. Cobre high gives you good opportunities to get college credits and it helps you get college ready with what they expect.
Cobre High School is a great institution that has given me the head start I need for the real world.
I have enjoyed my experience at Cobre High School. I like how friendly our staff is, and how they do their jobs. I enjoy our principle as well. He is very supportive, enthusiastic, and is great at his job. The staff is also reliable, and helpful. What I dislike is the food and how the school is modeled. I would like to see a change in the school's food, and for the school to be worked on, improved, or remodeled.
I have a love for my school since I have lived in the area and school district my whole life. My school is located in a small town and that really allows for students to be much closer to each other and their teachers and staff. I have learned a lot from many of my teachers while I have been there and also have been able to develop good relations with them. What I would like to see change in my school is more praise for academic achievement and honorable character. I also wish that students were pushed harder and disciplined harsher.
My experience at Cobre High School has been interesting. I have learned a lot of new subjects and I have overcome many challenges. My skills have improved tremendously since I have been in Cobre High School. Being a student in Cobre High School has been a great experience and I greatly appreciate the help that I have gotten from all the staff. This has helped me learn what I need to know to get ready for college.
The academics are great, each teacher is able to teach a different topic. The school also allows students to participate in dual enrollment with Western New Mexico University.
The students here are excepting, but there are a few students who are less excepting.
A student is allowed to join as many clubs as he or she chooses. The administration is there to support all the extracurricular activities.
This school is amazing! The school is very unique. It has a Cobre High Restoration Club, which is to help make Cobre students and fans participate more at athletic events. There is also a Safe School Ambassadors Club, which students are picked by teachers to participate in this club. The members of this club work together to prevent bullying, and fights from happening. I would definitely go to this school again if I could do it all over.
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The teachers at this school are always there for the students, not only grade wise but also emotionally. Each teacher has their own teaching style, but each one keeps students focused on learning. The teachers are very knowledgeable, they know exactly what they are teaching and how to explain it. They keep up with their grading so the students know what their grade is and what they need to turn in.
I do feel very safe at school. Unfortunately, if i ever need a nurse, there is rarely one at the school. The school's rating goes lower (for me) because of the nurse attendance at school. We do not have random drug dog sweeps, metal detectors, and school security. If anything ever happens, the police just go to the school.
Cobre High School has many extracurricular activities. There are sports for each season. Each sport is very competitive with other schools. Yes, there are always going to be those people who try to join a club, organization, or sport, and quit. Yet, there are many more student athletes that are committed and dedicated. The most competitive sports at Cobre High School have always been wrestling, baseball, softball, and some times football and cheer. The most popular sports are track and field, football, volleyball, cheer, baseball, softball, and basketball. The administration does support the school activities, yet, are rarely seen at games, competitions, track meets, ect.
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