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I moved here when I was in 8th grade. It was a shock for me, here everyone hangs out together. They talk to each other and no one is left out. People who were born here, they say that there are social levels like, the popular people. I fell very included in this school. I don't feel less than anyone else
I enjoy going to school here. The environment is caring and a good learning community. I think that the teachers care out us as individuals and also about our education. They school makes sure we are ready to move on into the real world after graduation.
Throughout my time at Cobden High School, I was greatly prepared for college through great teachers and many clubs and activities. I highly recommend this small school, as it becomes a second home to students and has an extremely welcoming atmosphere.
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I graduated from Cobden High School in May 2015. I love this school. I am a Hispanic first year college student that without the help of many of my teachers I would not be where I am today. Thanks to all teachers who gave me letters of recommendation as well as to the counselor who helped me not only apply for college but also help me with the transition I was able to obtain both my Associates in Science and my Associates in Arts. Now I plan to transfer to Southern Illinois University in Carbondale to obtain a bachelors degree in Biomedical Science to then get my Masters as a Physician Assistant.
I have never felt unsafe while being at school.
There are not a ton of clubs but for our small school it seems to be enough. A large majority of the school is involved in sports, either participating or attending games.
I have disliked going to school because I don't feel that our administrators want to be there or support us. Our principal doesn't appear to like her job and she has no people skills. She doesn't make school somewhere you want to be and have fun at. If I had to redo high school I am not sure that I would go back to this school.
We have the best English teacher in Southern Illinois. His teaching style is amazing and if every teacher took his approach I believe that the students would be more willing to work. We need more science teachers so that students can have the opportunity to learn.
It may take some time in fitting your schedule the way one wants it, but in the end teachers and the guidance counselor help get it done.
We have varies clubs in this school, from an Art club to a Weightlifting club and much more.
They take grading, teaching and other necessary requirements seriously.
There is an average amount of security and health in this school.
The school has taken quite a few security measures to ensure the safety of students and staff.
Cobden high school has provided an amazing learning environment for me. The parents and teachers go above and beyond to help the students. They also create an amazing support system for each student and do their best to help in any way possible.
The teachers at Cobden always do their best to encourage and motivate their students. They are willing to use their own time to work with students who need more help outside of the classroom. I have had an amazing experience with these teachers and they put their hearts into teaching.
We've had so many amazing things going on in this school. We have amazing athletic students, creative, and just overall amazing students. We all interact with each other, we meet knew people, we have experiences we can't forget. For example, our baseball team took us to State and won, we have a homecomings and Proms that are unforgettable and so many other things.
Cobden High School is the most motivational school I've been too. It's also the nicest and cleanest school i've attended. The reason why I say this, because I have visited other schools, and I can honestly say Cobden High School is the cleanest. The staff/Teachers are great and nice. They help students achieve their goals in life, they are always positive and helpful. The students are also great, except a few students who aren't so great. Overall my experience at this school is great, I will not forget attending this school. I have made wonderful great friends, the last 4 years of my HIgh School years will be something I can not forget. The memories I have made here will be something that I can never forget. Since it is my time to almost leave this school, I hope the next years generation will love this school and have the best 4 years of their lives while attending Cobden High School. They will make amazing memories, and carry those memories with them for the rest of their lives.
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I have had a good experience here.
Many of the teachers who are teaching there have no right to be teaching any longer because they have taught for so many years and their knowledge and style of teaching is outdated.
Many of the students in my class ended up either dropping out and not going to college or are planning on only getting their associates degree.
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