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I really like this school, everyone treats me like family. I feel like I belong and I feel accepted.
Cobalt Institute of Math and Science is a safe place to attend. The school is small making it easier to make friends and to have one-on-one conversations with your teachers. I do not like how much attention they put on our dress code because it seems as if they care more about the color of our socks than our education at times. The teachers are okay and they know all of their students making it easier to talk to them. Activities on campus are not the best, but we do have everything a normal high school offers.
The some of the teachers at this school are really helpful and also give really good advice on college. Most of staff are a bit rude especially Ms. Selina right when I walk in into her office I know hell is coming my way. Anyways some of the people at this school are really cool but, some of them are a pain in the butt. The food at this is really nasty but, I mean its like any other school BUT, the peanut butter and jelly sandwich SLAPS! That thing goes hard.
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At CIMS the overall feeling of the campus is pretty average except for the fact that most kids get bullied there and the workload is so great that kids are starting to have depression over how much stress is on them. The school is more worried about the dress code than the actual education sometimes. Although this school does have a great support system, in my opinion, and the teachers really push the students to get their work done and put an honest effort into making sure all the students understand the work and address issues where need be, also the teachers are very kind and understanding in regards to a student's situation albeit it be with home or other things. They not only want us to succeed in our careers but also make that we are okay mentally and emotionally.
As a 6 year student at cims, I have learned a lot about my school and I’ve really watched it grow into a more successful and well developed campus. I was a student at cims it’s pilot year, and now I can really look back and compare the changes the school has made. Cims is a very safe and welcoming campus that focuses on the well being of its students and families . The teachers and staff truly look out for their students and their well being to ensure them the education they need in order to be ready for college . All the teachers try to get involved with their students and their daily activities in order to really get to know their students and help them out with any issues they’re having . The students themselves are well educated and well prepared for college and their future professions thanks to the level of preparation this school provides.
I have a lot of experience with my school I been there since I was in middle school. Some of the teachers teach good depends on who it is and what subject it is. The administration at my school is alright their sometimes a bit rude.
I am currently a student at Cobalt Institute of Math and Science. I am in the 10th grade. Overall, for the past couple years of being there they have been alright. I have joined ASB and currently this is my second year. School Spirit has not really been a problem. A lot of students like our rallies,lunch time activities,Homecoming, and much more. Most of the staff are really nice,kind,and hardworking. Some it takes time to adjust. Overall I enjoy my classes and I really appreciate all the staff that has helped me out.
This school has shaped me in many ways and it gives you ample experience to what life will have in store for you. The faculty are just amazing, they give their time to students more than their families. Being involved in many things on campus you come to a realization that there are no cliques or one color to hold people back. This academy has many under privileged students but one thing it does not lack is the amount of academics and college readiness courses.
The curriculum they teach here is on a higher level then the other schools around here. Id like to see them add more materials and even more classes but as of now it is a good school.
Cobalt Institute Of Math & Science is a more than exceptional school when it comes to education. The institution offers various amounts of honor courses and advance placement classes which are highly encouraged for students to take. The required GPA to remain enrolled at cobalt acts as an extra ounce of determination for students to keep their grades up. If that seems to not be enough tutoring & constant support of staff will ensure that a student's grades are where they need to be. The school also provides a 4 year engineering or biomedical pathway class that gives the opportunity for a student to earn college lab credits and hands on experience with these highly in demand careers. Safety is key & practically ensured at cobalt , with a reputation for little to no fights , & a vice principal that is very attentive with his students. Overall this school is for anyone that would like to invest in their future and plans to pursue higher education after high school.
My experience at CIMS had been good so far. There is a friendly environment with teachers that are willing to give up their time to help you. There are computer labs that you can use, along with a decently sized library. As well, there are several places where you can train physically. The school offers courses that are challenging, yet are beneficial towards your transcript. You are even allowed to do several activities during lunch like soccer or basketball. The only thing that needs improvement is the food, otherwise, CIMS is a great school overall.
Very great college-going culture, however athletics and other extra-curricular activities are sub-par. Teachers at the school are average compared to other schools.
Don't get me wrong this school was great and all mainly because of how my teachers handled things. Very organized almost every day and most importantly energized and ready to do their job! Besides that, the only reason why it is a 4-star review and not a 5-star review is this was a college preparatory school but did not feel like that at all.
CIMS is an excellent school that prepares you for college. The school also has AP classes to gain college credit. The teachers and staff are helpful to their students and they provide them chances of success.
my time at cobalt is an overall good time all staff want students to do better and if having a hard time with something the staff will be there to help
I love how this school prepares us for college. As well as the amount of support you receive from the teachers and staff to go further with your education. Although I wish they had more option in classes as well as sports but I believe we have such little options because of how new our school is. Other than that the school is amazing and will help prepare any student to get into whatever college they dream of.
I have been in Cobalt since I was in seventh grade. They have amazing teachers and staff that are supporting and they push us to exceed. The AP classes are challenging, and the classes we are required to take are more than required for colleges. The teachers, they are so involved and I'm grateful to have because its harder the extra one on one kind of help in a bigger school. I have grown with some of the teachers and they are like my family, I feel safe and I can trust them and I'm not afraid to ask for help. The clubs I was in drama was my favorite, just being part of a production in any way was fun if it was just acting to concessions or crew, it helped me not be afraid to speak in front of people, and speak better. Its a mellow school and I prefer it over big and crowded. The Pltw courses, if it weren't for them I would have never decided to go into neonatal nursing, it showed me that I was interested in the medical field.
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Nice school everyone is encouraged to go to college. There's alot of teachers that will care about you and help you
It is an amazing community, it's very strict and makes you be with smart people around you so you push yourself to be the best. It feels like I went to school with family and the teachers make sure you learn the subject. The teachers would even stay after school and open up to other students that they don't even have just so they could catch up on something that they missed. Overall I believe that the school is a fantastic high-school.
I loved CIMS, every grade level caps out at only 250 students per grade, and how many high schools can boast such a cool STEM program? We have real engineering classes, and it's fun. I wish this school had been around when I was in 7th grade.
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