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Coatesville Area Senior High School Reviews

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The diversity is amazing but the school board does a poor job of organizing and planning and informing families of what they are doing.
I am a senior at Coatesville Area Senior High School. For the most part I have had an amazing experience at Coatesville. I have lived here all of my life and gone through the Coatesville Area School district K-12. The only issue I would acknowledge is the administration at the high school and the school board. Issues during the pandemic have not been resolved even though they have had 8 months to plan a return to school. The 2020-2021 school year has been very difficult for many students and administration has not been making it an easier. Other than that, Coatesville has a bad reputation that just doesn't so it justice. It has great diversity and a great community.
They have cool programs and everyone king of feel welcome. The education well it depends there are a lot of teacher fired and now they want to put the 9th grade wit us which we don't like we think is unfair because there is not going to be any space left.
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It was an overall good school to learn in, bu some students and teachers did cause multiple problems. These problems were almost never properly dealt with, and students often found themselves feeling left out and alone, or not cared for within the school system.
I liked the atmosphere because I never felt trapped. The teachers are very helpful and welcoming as well as the other staff.
At Coatesville Area Senior High School, the students have a lot of school spirit. Coatesville is a big school so you can meet new people and make new friends every year. The teachers I have had are always willing to spend extra time with me if I need extra help. I would like to change to change the school mascot.
I loved my experience at Coatesville, it was nothing short of amazing. The school is filled with students, teachers and staff who overflow with school pride.
What I love most about Coatesville is that it is a very unified school district. This past year, a teacher's daughter had cancer. Our response was to wear yellow at football games and to school to symbolize our support for the teacher and his family. If I could change one thing about Coatesville it would probably be the current math program. Coatesville uses CPM, which stands for College Prep Math. CPM requires students to learn math in groups by teaching each other. It minimizes teacher instruction and the textbooks lack examples. There has been a movement among parents and teachers to remove this program, but so far nothing has been done. I am hoping that it will be removed in the future.
I love my high school because we have an extremely caring staff that is supportive of their students. The diversity adds lots of character to the school environment.
There are some awesome programs like JROTC. Highly recommend the ROTC programs to develop citizenship and basic life skills. our Germany teacher is great and we have many other highly dedicated teachers that love what they do and it shows.
My experience was fantastic! So many course choices, excellent teachers, and opportunities to explore different pathways for career readiness.
Growing up in Coatesville has educated me so much about the world around me. From education to activities others do everyday. I truly believe Coatesville's openness and diversity has helped shaped me as an individual.
Overall everyone associated with coatesville have shaped me into the person I am today. Going to coatesville means accepting everyone that you go to school with and helping each other in anyway that you can. We overcome the reputation that those who do not know us try and but in us and we excel. Coatesville is not just a school or a community, but a family.
Overall, I would not trade my high school experience for that of any other. Although the Coatesville school district gets a bad reputation, I have never had a single problem during my high school education in this school. I have amazing teachers who deeply care about their students and everyday I wake up looking forward to going to school where I am in a safe environment and not only get a high quality education, but have fun as well. I would highly recommend Coatesville Area Senior High School to people who live in the district.
Coatesville high school is an amazing high school full of oportunity. Students are allowed to blossom and they can do so witht he support of the teachers and faculty. Teachers and faculty all help to assure every student has the opportunity to achieve their goals. The school has even added classes to help students find their calling in life, they added a forensic science class and that helped me to find an interest in the field.
Teachers are either a hit or a miss at coatesville. Most really care about their students, but some are just plain mean, and indifferent about their job. There are also a lot of programs to help out students who are struggling in classes.
My experience at Coatesville was like none other. I encountered so many great people and learned priceless while being surrounded by my peers. I will not lie and say it is the greatest school ever and the education you will receive there is definitely what you make it, but if you put good in you will definitely reap the benefits. I participated in tennis and basketball during my 4 years of high school while also being involved in many extracurriculars such as spanning club, student council, and Girls Star Mentoring to name a few. My favorite classes include AP Human Geography, AP Calculus, and AP Literature and Composition. There are some amazing teachers there who really want to help their students learn and succeed.
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Something I would like to see change is the administrations communication with its students and teachers. Something I like about coatesville is that they offer a dual enrollment program.
I am a junior at CASH I’ve been going since 9th grade and I really like it there. I know it has a bad reputation but I’m watching it grow and change for the better. My teachers are very nice and they have flexible schedules if you need help with anything. They have many sports and clubs you can join and you can even create your own club. I enjoy CASH and I can’t wait to graduate from there!
I wouldn’t trade going to Coatesville for anything in the World. I can’t even put into words my feelings about Coatesville because it is something so rare that I know no other place could ever give me the same feeling or experiences. I am grateful to say I attend Coatesville Area Senior High School.
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