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The teachers and staff are very supportive of us and are always wanting to help when we are in need. I love this school so much and taught me to become a better leader than to follow in a bad path.This school has showed us what we are really made of.They showed us that it doesn't matter what we look like or what we wear it about what we show the world and about what we are on the inside, just because we are beautiful on the outside doesn't mean we are we have the best inside possible. It matters about who we become and shows the world that we really care about ourselves and for others that are in need.I am very thankful to have teachers and staff that really cares about us and our education.I wouldn't know what to do without them helping me become a better person everyday!
I go to a public charter high school in the Horry County School District and I very much enjoy going here. My school is very different from regular public schools. It’s small, which allows for the teachers and staff to help students more personally as they give a lot of individual attention. My teachers will always take the extra time to help me with a specific problem or to teach me how to improve my academic career.

There are also countless opportunities such as internships, dual credit classes and college prep, all of which my school guides me through and urges me to take. This school is amazing at preparing it’s students for not only college, but the real world after school

There are plenty of small things that the school would benefit from improving, such as having resources like a school library or more lab equipment, but the education and overall experience here is good enough to have a successful future. This school makes me excited about life and what is to come.
A lot of the teachers were terrible and it’s extremely understaffed for teachers and they have way to many administrators. My sophomore year had a few teachers who made fun of kids with disabilities. When the teachers were reported to principal Mathews she never did anything. There is also a creepy teacher who is now more administrative and he would flirt with students. I attended for two years and then I left. Also the academics were terrible and did not prepare me at all. All you had to do was turn in work to do well. Although the benefit to this was I had a high class rank. And I was bullied there so don’t think it’s some safe pure environment.
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I like how small Coastal Leadership Academy is. You get one to one involvement with your teachers and the opportunity to understand the material in a way public schools cannot. It is project-based learning and really makes students take an active role in their learning. They still need some organization, but it gets better every year!
Coastal Leadership Academy uses Project Base Learning, volunteerism and global awareness in their everyday programs. Students are able to master subject not by teaching to a test but teaching to the child. CLA has achieve higher than State in most academic areas.
The new principal is terrible and is destroying the school. She never listens to students and barely listens to parents. The only thing she cares about is money.
My experience at Coastal Leadership Academy (or CLA, for short) was much safer and much more enjoyable than my previous time at other schools. Until 9th grade, I had been enrolled in the public school system for virtually all my life. But with CLA, a charter high school, that all changed. Now, I feel less worried about finding the right materials for classes (thanks to the lack of a requirement for lockers), navigating any large hallways, or fitting in with the crowd. CLA manages to give students a sense of professionalism with uniforms while tolerating a wider variety of backgrounds at the same time. It makes autistic students like me feel all the more welcome.
Coastal Leadeship Academy is an awesome public charter school that gives students a different learning experience. One of my favorite things about this school is that we often do PBL (project-based learning) projects, where we don't just have to memorize facts or do drills. Instead, these projects are hands-on and focus around a problem to solve. They help students explore a wide variety of possibilities and information on different subjects.

The school in general is very supportive and fun. It's a small school, so everyone knows and cares about everyone. You're allowed to bring in electronics to use in class (appropriately) and during breaks. There are also several clubs to join, as well as open-mic nights where students have a chance to shine by performing. However, I would like more clubs and field trips to make my experience better. Other than that, this school is great!
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