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Coastal Christian school offers such a close knit environment. It is a school where you can grow and learn about your self in a very secure way. I have learned so much about myself and about my classmates as well. With a smaller class size you get individual attention with the teacher. The quirky and lovable teacher really truly care about you and your academics.
The small class size allows for optimal teaching and learning. The teachers are phenomenal and the school has an amazing English, math, and Bible program especially. So uplifting and a great Christian foundation.
We moved to California almost 2 years ago. My daughter began attending Coastal Christian School in the 9th grade. The students and faculty were very welcoming. They provide a great Christ centered school environment. They offer CIF sports programs and many opportunities for student involvement.
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Our daughter has been attending there the past 2 years. It has been a excellent school. The academic standards are well above most primary schools we have researched or been a part of the past several years. We look forward to continuing our daughters education there.
The teachers are wonderful. They each are very adherent to students, and are very knowledgeable. Each one pours so much into all of our lives. Favoritism is never shown in grading.
Unfortunately, Coastal does not own their own building, however, we inhabit a small church. We are working on getting a new facility, however. Guidance counselors, college prep courses, and tutoring are all very prominent and are readily available.
Teachers are wonderful and know exactly what they are talking about. The curriculum is tough but very doable.
My memories are all wonderful. I have created life-long friends and I would actually return to visit the teachers. One of my favorite experiences was around graduation for the class above me. It was their last weekly chapel, and one of the guys decided that he would have the entire student body pray over these seniors who would be leaving in a week. Every year it is almost like part of a family is gone; when in reality it is just letting go of brothers and sisters who are making a new chapter for their lives.
Unfortunately, for being such a small school, Coastal doesn't really have many options. There is only 3 sports to play for High School girls: Volleyball, Basketball, and Softball; and only 2 for guys: Basketball and Baseball. However, being a High School of 30 - 40 students, it is very good to even have teams. More then half the student body is involved in sports, and school spirit is always high.
There is no bullying and I have never been bullied. I personally feel safe at the school; staff and teachers make everything safe. We have never had any problems with student in substance abuse and the like; if so they are immediately suspended or expelled. Needless to say it is a completely dry campus and anything not cohering to that is dealt with promptly.
Moreover, people are really accepting as to each other's ethical or sexual background. There is no serious racism or sexism peer pressure of any kind.
There really is not much of a variety since the school I attend is very small. The different organizations would include ASB, Worship Team, and three different sports. All of which I am a part of and have always been fun.
The school administration is fantastic; each one has been very helpful in all areas within academics, as well as pouring into each one of our lives as fantastic leaders. The principal is very involved and helpful, and the guidance counselor makes it a very easy process of getting to college. The office is well-organized and is always willing and able to help with any need. Bullying is not tolerated. Dress code is strict but highly reasonable, in that modesty is held supreme, and the codes put in place are great codes to actually live by.
I feel very safe at my school
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