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Coastal Christian High School Reviews

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Quality education and foundation of Christian values that prepare students for life and it’s challenges.
I love the family atmosphere and the teachers’ desires to help every student work to the best of their ability. The unapologetic yet accepting faith every faculty member has is something I aspire to have
Coastal Christian is an amazing place that has created such a great atmosphere and culture among the halls. The teachers are amazing and the way they are preparing us as students is beyond the walls of our school. Our kids are so open and bought into what they are providing for us. I lead our student section for sports games and we probably have the loudest most energized crowd in Wilmington and that is because we all love where we are.
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Small environment with very loving, but sometimes less capable, teachers and students. I loved my time there and most my teachers, the AP teachers were very helpful and reliable for the AP exams.
I love the school atmosphere at Coastal! Going here has truly changed my life and brought me closer to God, and I have made amazing friends here. I always feel safe and each teacher is very approachable and knowledgeable in their field. I am so glad I chose Coastal Christian.
Coastal Christian has been an amazing high school. The school has challenged me to become more then I have ever thought possible. It seems like everyone at Coastal Christian is part of the family. Everyone has a great relationship with everyone else in the school. Probably one of the greatest parts of the school is how much effort everyone gives in the school. Every student seems to really try hard and get good grades. Another amazing part of the school is how much the teachers care for the students at Coastal Christian High School. I think that the attention that the teachers give to the students is what makes it such a great school.
The administration had an incredible vision for what they wanted for the school, however they did a poor job implementing their goals and vision. They need to re examine their focus and place more importance on the students and their success rather than acquiring more money and academic recognition. A few teachers were ill prepared for AP tests. School spirit was huge and club and organizations were thriving.
Bullying is not tolerated. Drug use is zero tolerance. Doors are locked securely throughout the day. I fee my child is extremely safe here
FCA, art club, home coming committe, prom committe, hunting club, morning prayer club, fencing club, beta club,
I love the personalized teaching to each student. Extra time is always available to those who may not

Catch on to a convey as easily as others. It is like a huge family where we all know each other and help guide and direct other students in a Christian walk which makes them strive to be high quality, positive and productive members of society.
We love this school! Small environment and very capable teachers. Students are usually over achievers and love to compete academically
I love how our administration handles situations with grace, yet intolerance of certain things.
The school is the absolute safest environment and things are dealt with and bullies are found. I feel safe where I go to school.
There are so many clubs to be apart of at Coastal. Surf club has competed in competitions, there are opportunities for fencing, and even parkour!
It is a great atmosphere, easy to make friends, and easy to find things you love and things that will challenge you.
The school has provided excellent academic opportunities and extracurricular activities as well. There is a great combination of both.
There is a laid back atmosphere that I enjoy and I have made some great friends. I like the smallness and some of the teachers really do care about you.
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There is a mix of good and bad. There are some teachers who know what they are talking about in their subject but have no idea how to teach it.
the guidance counselor is extremely unhelpful when it comes it comes to college staff, and the principal is often only concerned with students that come from household with money.
Coaches at this school either do not care about their athletes or do not know much of what they are talking about. School spirit could most definitely be improved, as some people think they are too cool to be supportive. our fitness class is basically a joke, we do not even have weights.
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