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I very much enjoyed the flexibility of the programmes and teachers. They are all very kind, and they are willing to accommodate my busy schedule. They also reach out to struggling students and assit them, while allowinf exceilling students to reach a new level of acedmic study on thier own pace.
I am so happy to be at my school. The teachers are so kind and love to have real conversations with students. Coast's environment is extremely appealing, and getting involved is easy!
I loved being able to work at my own pace with this school. I transferred here halfway through my junior year of high school and received my diploma by the end of that year.
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The teachers will help in everything you need. They will the best they can for you to succeed. Many teachers are very nice and helpful.
If you work best being independent this is a great school for you. Many teachers there are very nice and supportive.
Reasonable dress code. The administrators don't care what you do for the most part.
They just upgraded all the building and tech center which is nice but there is no gym or anything else besides
If you wanna do sports you have to do them at marina hs next door. Coast has absolutely nothing.
I liked that I only had to go to school once a week but the education truly sucks there. I taught myself everything.
The only goal is graduation
Not really any clubs here except art club
No one really cares much about school. It's mostly all bad kids who have gotten expelled or pregnant that end up here. I went here because I needed surgery and had to be homeschooled so I would t miss too much school. Not many people are friendly either. There's no judging because this school is like the island of misfit toys most people don't care and are out of there in a year
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