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The small town atmosphere is great, after previously being bullied and failing 2 classes at my previous school, here I have a current 4.0 GPA and i havent even witnessed any bulling, it is truly a great school with great classmates and great teachers.
The sports are really good at coal ridge but theres not much involvment in the school. The kids are all very nice and there isn't much bullying. The acedemics arent great and the teachers arent great mostly because we try to get new ones every year.
Coal Ridge High School isn't a school where those who aren't academically involved will succeed. It's an amazing school for students who like the studious atmosphere. Yet, for students who have a hard time in that type of learning environment, they may not enjoy it or succeed.
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The advanced academic classes are difficult but provide a good pay off. However, the salary in Western Colorado for teachers is too low and the cost of living is too high for teachers and coaches to stay long. Most have to take second jobs and rarely last longer than two years. This past year, I had three different teachers in my physics class, which made it hard to learn the subject, considering each teacher taught the same unit for their first month. The athletic programs aren't great. There are a few good teams, like boys basketball, track, and cheerleading, but my football team is pretty bad. I was a cheerleader, however, and know how the team and coach operate. The atmosphere is drama filled, when I was on the team, we were publicly humiliated in front of other students, and the coach hosts practices on Sundays, which is against CHSAA rule. My book club is the best, though and the parents in the PTA and Booster Club are very helpful.
Coal Ridge High School is where I made many of the friends I have today. The faculty always has the student's best interest at heart, and they work with you weekly to ensure you're prepared for whatever you may be interested in after you graduate. I played soccer, track, and basketball in high school, and they were all tons of fun. They are at the top of their league in each of those sports, and have amazing coaches across the boards.
It was and overall average school. The teachers were all right, some of them actually care about how you do others are just there for a paycheck. The school has a wide variety of clubs and activities, but sadly they don't care about there clubs as much as they care about there sports programs. Overall wasn't as bad of a school as everybody said it was.
The school itself is not bad, but the teachers are very poor and some of them don't care if you pass or not pass.
Overall, I find this to be an amazing school. I very rarely see any issues with anything related to bullying, which is great. All of the administration and teachers are kind and do a very good job.
The AP program is very good at coal ridge however it does become difficult as many scheduling conflicts emerge.
The staff is very helpful at Coal Ridge, the classes offered there are also outstanding with the honor, ap, and CMC courses provided there.
The old principal Mr. Elertson was really cool, there were pretty good English teachers and for a couple years there was a good math teacher until he went back to college... It's not the best school, it doesn't have the best football team, or staff but it's pretty a okay anyways.
I personally enjoyed attending Coal Ridge. I like the small school feeling. Also the teachers and staff are very dedicated in wanting each student to excel.
Very positive environment for me.
All teachers care about and inform students.
The teachers here are what made this school great for me. All my teachers genuinely cared about every student on a personal level. Whenever I needed assistance from a teacher, it was easy to find them to have a conversation about what I need from them. The curriculum is growing, with new AP classes being added all the time. The workload isn't really that bad.
Most students are very close-minded and unwilling to change their opinion. I wish school spirit was higher, but I hear it's getting better year by year
There really aren't a lot of options aside from sports.
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Academic wise, this school gave me everything I needed to succeed for college. However, most students that attend can be unappreciative and plainly rude to other students that actually want to do well in school which makes it difficult for hard-workers to focus on their goal. I did not appreciate the lack of funding towards all the arts, especially choir, band, and theater. These are creative outlets, so why were the places to flourish so restricted because the arts had no budget to afford anything? Intimate classes are great, here, however because teachers will really know you. I feel like "it's an okay school" is the best way to put it.
All of the teachers have a genuine passion for helping the students, which I appreciate deeply. However, the quality of the classes aren't the highest, but that's to be expected with the location and surroundings. Every single teacher here is genuinely there to help their students succeed and that should not be taken for granted.
There a variety of extracurriculars.
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