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Coahoma County Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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chool has been great! ThroMyughout my 6 years at this school, the teachers have always made the students and making sure there is a comfortable learning environment for the everyone and they made it there priority not a choice or just because it was there job, I have felt truly cared for and enjoyed the numerous activities that were held. I can always say that this school was a warm welcoming environment for everyone and I excelled with the help of my teachers and not I am walkin
It’s a very welcoming school for incoming and prospective students. However, due to a poor administration, many teachers left. For instance, 1/3 of the teachers were certified last year. In the high school building we only had one certified English teacher, two certified math teachers, two certified history teachers, and one certified biology teacher. Very poor in academic 2017-18 school year, but we are now under a new superintendent and things are looking good for The Mighty Red Panthers 2018-19 school year.
Its okay. Sometimes I wish I went to another school, however the friends I have make it better. The teachers are not fun. Only a few are fun.
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I love the staff at Coahoma County High School and the way they interact with their students if they are having trouble. I would like to see the lunch change: Better food.
Its a good school but they have a hard time keeping up with transcripts. You might end up repeating some classes as well.
They allow students to display their array of various talents. It keeps them out of trouble and focused.
My favorite experience was trying out for Softball. I've loved it ever since. I have also gotten loads of opportunities.
Each teacher does he/she best to teach us what needs to be taught. They also go above and beyond to help each and every one of us that need extra help.
Coahoma County is the best school around. I love CCHS. There are so many talented kids here. We have a wonderful basketball team for girls and boys.
The school is pretty much average.
Our sport teams and cheerleaders are very school spirited.
The disciplinary actions help the students act better.
The teachers are very willing to help the students with the class work.
The school offer alot of technology use. The computer labs and library is very accessible.
Our school athletics and fitness opportunities are pretty much fair if our students would put in an effort.
The policy is great because student are required to abide by the rules.
All in All, Coahoma County Jr/Sr High School is a ok school with a acceptance of minor behavior problems with student.
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My school isn't a place I would like my children to attend , it lacks on sports and better choices for students.
The academics offered at Coahoma County high school offer general classes and AP/honor classes. The students have a wide range of electives to take.
I enjoy my school. Ive made a real connection that I just can not make with any other shcool from the students to the teachers. I love the disipline policy and how well organized we are as a whole.
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