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Fun place to be at. Great Teachers that are always willing to help. The staff are very dedicated to the Students success
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The administration at CMR is invested in the success of their students. Even when you mess up, they are there believing in you and pushing you and never turn their back.
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I really enjoyed the teaching staff. They were well rounded, patient, and understanding of students needs and extracurricular activities.
I think that once you get involved in school activities, you view your school so much differently. I have had a great 4 years participating in Volleyball,Track, Student Government and Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club. One thing I would change is the amount of school spirit we have, I want everyone to try to get involved and to just be proud of who they are and where they came from.
C.M.Russell High School was a very good school overall, it had a lot of programs that supported growth of its students and helped everyone grow as a whole. Students were given all the resources they needed to be successful in college and to learn throughout their lives as a whole. The school diversity was pretty standard, I never noticed any diversity while I was enrolled. The clubs part of the school was a sight for sore eyes, less you have time after school which, if you do not have a ride or a car, can be extremely problematic to participate in, as there is no "share a ride" or bus system in place as of 2018.
CMR is just an average high school that kinda sorta prepared me for real life and college as a whole. They didn't treat me the greatest but they gave me the fire and passion to move on in the world. Rather than just sit around and follow what they wanted me to do.
C M Russell High School offers a large amount classes, including many honors and AP or dual credit courses. All of the teacher that I encountered were fun instructors and enjoyed what thy did.
I feel like I am prepared for college. My teachers were good instructors and I formed good connections with a lot of them. I enjoyed being part of the soccer and basketball teams and made good friends.
Overall it seems very supportive, however in comparison to the other high school in our district, it is very lacking in further educational resources making this entire experience more stressful.
I enjoy the range of classes there are available and the over all atmosphere. Unfortunatly, I feel as though some teachers aren't as proactive at others and have teaching styles that don't work for my learning preferences.
I like cmr but they are putting in money into what they think is important but it is important to give money to make our school lives better in all aspects instead of giving us more computer labs
I went to Charles M Russell High School for all four years, and my favorite things about the school are the select teachers who go above and beyond for their students. Though that is something I saw many peers among me didn’t get that experience. The culture of the school is trying to change, most school spirit and appreciation, but haven’t seen any improvement. It’s an okay school, with okay people.
Mental discrimination against students and lack of understanding for all who are not Christian. They do not treat all students fairly. If you are not who they want you to be then they will watch you closely.
I liked going to high school here - I had great teachers, and AP courses were excellent. The English program was great while I was there; not sure where it's at now. I had lots of opportunities to apply for scholarships.
C.M. Russell High School has numerous electives, allowing for one to partake in a course that interests them. The same can be said about clubs and extracurricular activities at C.M.R. (as we locals call it, and not to be confused with the wild westerner). I have withheld a star because this school is unmoved by our desperate pleadings for more diversity in the cafeteria. Pizza is the most common item on the menu. In fact pizza is the primary import of C.M.R. It is a dreary situation, I eat pizza almost daily. Pizza pockets, pizza sticks, cheese pizza, pepperoni pizza, Mexican pizza, personal pan pizza. It never ends. The other options include: Mac n' glue, meatball sub with 75% water buns, and strange varieties of meats that are either too sweet or too bland. Otherwise this is a decent school.
The school is very education oriented and provides the best learning environment. The only thing I would change is it can be strict sometimes.
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The community surrounding CMR is so accepting to all. Teachers connect with students and form lasting and authentic relationships. The wide variety of accelerated courses help jump-start careers in college and trade schools, and prepare students for success.
I absolutely love the atmosphere of C.M.R. It is like we are one big family and everyone is so supportive.
I love my school, and I think the education system and teachers are amazing. Once a Russeller always a Russeller. The only thing I wish happened a bit more was school spirit. I would love to see more students in our audience section whether it's for games or plays. I think this schools is amazing, and I wish more students would love it just as much.
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