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C.M. Bardwell Elementary School Reviews

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My daughter sometimes misses school, she blames the lunch made her sick. Whenever I get a call and pick her up early they complain about attendance. I feel if my daughter is getting good grades stop complaining and dedicate to another child who need help.
Its okay for an old school, this school needs alot of work and updating from painting to broken bathroom stalls.
I feel their not supervised enough, especially in the halls or gym and when she attends these activities I go with just to supervise her from whoever....I have seen middleschool kids coming over to make out on the playground to empty drug baggies on the playground...
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They are pretty good with their bullying and safety. The school nurse calls alot your daughter has a headach, your daughters tummy hurts. But if I pick her up early they give me problems like complaning she is missing school , so if she does not have a fever, don"t call me.
I am not too happy with my childs school. I feel she is not challenged enough, homework is too easy and she is just motivated enough. I am looking into magnet schools and am trying to move just so she can go to another school.
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