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Clymer Central School Reviews

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When growing up in Clymer, it just seemed to be a small town school where everyone knew everyone. As I continued my education, I realized how many things needed to improve in Clymer. Such as more college classes offered and just helping seniors and juniors get ready for their life out in the real world.
Lots of clubs to choose from
Small schools are the best
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Very friendly and help students with any sort of problems that they may have
I am very grateful God lead me to this school. I have grown in my faith, met some amazing people, have had opportunities that I have never encountered, and have grow academically also. I would not change where I am for anything.
Many of the teachers are willing to help you in any way they can. They are open to listening to your ideas, and helping you strive for a successful future. Most importantly they incorporate faith into their teachings.
There are very few things that I actually enjoyed in my time at this school.
Mostly all of the teachers are very pleasant. All schools have some teachers who are a bit off but for the most part teachers are fun, engaging and like to do their job.
The school building itself is fairly new and kept in good shape, but it is in the middle of no where so accessibility to resources is very poor.
There are really no safety precautions being made because there has never been an incident where any such measures have been necessary. I always feel 100% safe and taken care of.
None of the school rules are informed very heavily. Most of the students wonder the halls and don't do any of their work.
This is a very small school in a farming community and there are very limited opportunities for extracurricular activities.
I feel there should be more of a variety of sports. Coaches are excellent and encouraging. What they have for facilities are in good maintenance.
Nurses and the rest of the staff are very equipped and knowledgeable. They know what to do in most situations. I feel safe with them.
I love the teachers! Absolutely wonderful! They are always willing to help; they encourage students to use them as a helpful resource. They love when students asks questions, debate, and engage in topics during class.
The building is beautiful! It has a lot of history. I feel it needs a bigger gym, and weight room; along with more space for the physical trainers. The library is very secure, quite and plenty of space, the classrooms are average, nice, small rooms. I feel that there should be just a tad bit more security at the school.
I enjoy the campus, but the student housing is not the best and I did not want to live on campus. So I chose to commute to school everyday. Which is a bummer because I feel I miss out on a lot of opportunities on campus. The teachers are awesome. They always try to help a student when they can and will go out of there way for that student.
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The extracurricular activities are slim. There are clubs that happen either before or during school not after. This is because we have sports after school.
The athletic facilities are really nice. There are many sports opportunities for everyone to participate in. The administration shows up to watch us play during the sports season.
The classes offered are there, but we don't know about them because the guidance counselor doesn't tell us about them. Other than that the teachers are the best and they are really dedicated.
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