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I have gone to Clyde since 2nd grade. It has change my life. They were they people that diagnosed me dyslexia. It was hard to learn my d and b I would write them backwards and my twos and fives. when I found out I was scared that I was gonna fail all my life. They told me that they would get a teacher o help me. I use to hate reading in front of people because I was a slow reader. I felt like I was holding everyone up. One day one of my teacher made me read in front of the class and it took me five minutes to read a paragraph. I was scared that everyone would laugh.
The teachers are very helpful. You will have a great chemistry with teachers. The head coaches are very supportive and knowledgeable to the game they are assigned. The principles are very good at keeping the school at its very best.
There are tons of clubs and sports that people can get involved in. Teachers are helpful and the custodians help keep our school really clean and nice.
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The classes have been pretty easy and I have a pretty flexible schedule. I am 6th in my class and have over 36 college hours!
Clyde is a small school and the teachers know almost everyone. one of the best things about Clyde is that the teachers work so hard to help you susceed.
I'm a foster kid. I was taken and placed in a loving home when I was only five years old. I've began going to Clyde Elementary the second semester of my Kindergarten year. I've made long lasting friendships with the people I have grown up and even with the teachers who have taught me throughout the years. I couldn't read very well or count until I got some one-on-one teaching from my amazing teachers. I have learned amazing facts and academic skills that will lead me to a better future all thanks to the amazing people who have taught me and made me who I am today and I'm happy to say Clyde High School is a great district.
The atmosphere is comfortable and the people are genuinely kind. They really care about your education at Clyde and success in life.
I didn't like the fact that a lot of people in it are very conservative and bigoted. However, there were a few teachers that truly cared for students and they were blessings. You would think being in a small town that all teachers would care, but that was hardly the case. Also, a bunch of people act out just for fun and it's really petty and I don't understand why exactly they were like that. Does not prepare you well for college.
I rate Clyde High School as a 3, because its an amazing school with passionate and understanding teachers who are open to help you when you need it. I appreciate my 3 years being in this high school because they've helped me when I needed to talk to somebody the most and they have amazing faculty, the worst part of Clyde High School are the kids that don't have respect for anyone else or the teachers.
I liked the location of the school. My teachers while I attended Clyde High School were very helpful when I needed it. I was pushed to excel in every aspect of school work and extra curricular activities. I would like Clyde to incorporate a dance team for students who want to pursue a dance career in college or professionally. I also want them to make student more aware of bullying and implement more discipline for when students to bully other kids.
Clyde High School is an overall good school. It has many teachers that can help you and are really there when you need help. Honestly this school is not perfect. It has its flaws here and there but I truely beleive that this school has helped me and many students that have attended this high school.
Clyde High School offers AP courses in High School but discontinued the history AP courses due to cost of teachers to instruct course. They offered College credit courses, but would like to see more courses and variety of courses offered. I have met friends at college that their schools actually offered to pay for some of the college courses just to have students enrolled in the classes.
Bullying is a big problem. I know one student in particular was threatened all of the time and attempted to be poisoned. Nothing was done about the kids who tried to poison her. None of the threats were taken seriously. The teachers and principle try to make them resolve everything on their own. A lot of fights happen also.
Sports and clubs are a big deal at this school. Beta Club, key club, and FCA are major clubs .
The teachers make the classroom a more interesting learning environment. Its not just the teacher talking but more group activities and interactive tasks.
Clyde High School was home for me. I went to all clyde schools all of my life and a very knowledgeable education from the faculty.
There are a lot of opportunities available for different people.
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Students are pretty competitive in most if not all events they participate in.
Most teachers seem to care and do a great job at teaching for the most part.
For the most part this school is alright.
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