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Clyde High School was a safe environment. However, many of my classes left me without college preparation.
What I like about Clyde High School is the teaching staff. They genuinely care about our future and they will do anything in their power to help us decide on what we want do with our lives. There's not anything I would change about Clyde High School.
I like how there's a lot of things you can do, like sports, extra curricular, and clubs. Most of the students are very involved in school things and the community is great because everyone knows each other.
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Clyde is great school yo attended. There are classes for every if your below or ahead of your class in subjects. There are many clubs that are fun to particapate in and are worth trying.
Clyde High School has provided me with a wonderful high school experience. The greatest thing about my school is the positive climate. Everyone works together to create a supportive and rewarding atmosphere. I've created lasting memories during my time here with different experiences. But my school wouldn't be as great if it wasn't for all of the dedicated teachers we have. They consistently provide opportunities for students to improve and dedicate themselves to being stellar role models. What the school lacks in certain areas, the community involvement makes up for. Clyde has a unique school district that consists of hard-working people that won't hesitate to drop everything to help out the community. The school is constantly raising money, taking donations, and providing support for others during difficult times. The community rallies around the school to generate the best possible atmosphere. Every school has its issues but the overall experience is what matters most in the end!
Great teachers and if anyone needs help the staff are quick to jump in. Teachers genuinely care about the students
I enjoyed these past four years at Clyde High School. The staff are amazing and they care about each and every kid. The teachers challenge everyone to do their best. The amount of support that each kid gives to each other is amazing. There are multiple clubs that kids can get involved in. There's Key Club, Chess Club, Drama Club, and so much more. Clyde-Green Springs schools are amazing schools filled with amazing people. Teachers and students.
Clyde is a small town, with medium to big opportunities to be grabbed. Within a close community and many businesses and factories nearby, success is at your disposal. The school system is great and prepares for furthered studied and success, with free college classes and advanced classes.
My experience at Clyde High School has been awesome. The staff cares about everyone and they are very friendly. The have also taught me leadership skills and confidence. They are also very supportive of every student and club. The students are also very friendly and supportive of each other. What I liked about Clyde High School was the environment. The environment at Clyde is like your at home. You feel safe, every one is friendly and supportive, and you do not have to go far in order to find some one willing to help. One thing that I would like to see change is more community service.
This school is a complete joke and I am embarrassed to say that I went here. All of the classes are dumbed down since most of the rednecks in this town aren't willing to study and put effort into their schoolwork so they're just trying to get as many people to pass classes and graduate as possible. I attended a different high school before this and I could not believe how terrible this place is. There's a reason why the average ACT is so low and they don't have students going to any decent colleges. Do yourself a favor and get out of Clyde and move to a real city with a decent education system that hires teachers that actually know what they're talking about.
The extracurricular opportunities at Clyde High School are great. There are many clubs and sports that are available to the students. The students develop a sense of community and friendship when they join these activities. I know that when I joined clubs and sports, I made friends that I might not have made before.
My overall experiences at Clyde High School are great. We are all so very close and help each other out. It has a very close community feel. I've met so many great people at this school and I know that the freindships I have made, will follow me forever.
The teachers at Clyde High School are great. They really care about the students and make sure that help those who need it. The teachers also try their hardest to assist with activities, not only in school, but outside of school as well. I couldn't ask for a better school to grow in.
It's an all-white school so it's pretty safe
It's been great. Amazing music program.
Teachers are really nice and do a lot to help students. With every student having their own Chromebook it is very easy for teachers to include technology into the classroom. I do not agree with the administrations ideas of discipline as the tend to be a little excessive but the real teachers are very nice.
The people in my school get along well. There is hardly any peer pressure at all. There is a lot of respect not just for other people but also self respect.
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The academics are great at my school. There is not too much work, however if you study you are guaranteed to get an A.
Overall, the students and teachers do a great job to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. We have a school nurse and a sick room. And if anyone is threatened , or in safety danger the principles and guidance counselors get a hold of it quick.
The extracurricular opportunities are phenomenal. There is so much to do and they are really fun. We have a variety of clubs like science club, spanish club, and key club. We also have band and choir. Lastly, we have tons of sports to play.
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