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The education quality of Clovis North is very good, but it would be nice to have staff treat students with more respect. It’s a particular problem when it only feels like student services are present to look for wrongdoing in every student.
I liked the campus and how modern it was. I also liked the facilities and a lot of the people I met!
Overall, I enjoyed attending Clovis North High School. Each member of the staff I had the pleasure of meeting worked hard to ensure that I, along with fellow students, would receive the necessary education to excel in our learning. I believe it was at Clovis North that I was able to reach above average grades and experience new social experiences.
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Good school in the district. Great teachers who want to help you succeed. Welcoming environment and clean school.
I like the academic and sports balance. There has been threats recently which is a bit scary though. Great school overall though.
Graduating as a senior of this year, I am happy to say that my time at Clovis North High School was a fantastic one. The faculty and staff of the campus were some of the most caring people. The overall campus itself was clean and upheld with high expectations. This school offers a variety of clubs and sports that people are able to partake in. All in all, I will be missing this school as I depart for college next year.
While Clovis North is above average in academics and performing arts as well as sports, the culture and administration provide unwelcoming vibes and leave a lot left asking for. However, there are many resources and opportunities to become very good at whatever you’re interested in
The teachers are fantastic, as long as you’re in honors or advanced classes. The school really cares about its’ students’ mental health and is very competitive. All of our facilities are state of the art and very high quality, home to one of the best high school performance halls in the western half of the U.S. The students are really a mixed bag, a majority aren’t very open minded, but there are always a few gems if you look hard enough.
Clovis North is a very competitive school, which I like. There are many classes to choose from. Many AP and Honors courses are offered here for overachieving students such as myself to be challenged by. The teachers, counselors, and other staff members are very friendly and helpful.
Overall the staff is amazing and always makes me feel welcomed. The staff really pushes me to do my best and helps me reach my goals every year. I feel very much prepared for college because of my teachers.
If you come new to this school, expect very little help. Everyone know s each other forever, and many good students have cemented their advantage compared to other students generally. Counselors are very inaccessible partly because they are swamped and heavily understaffed. Otherwise, a great school academically. Most of the teachers at the higher level are good teachers (with a couple of exceptions), and there are different extracurriculars to join.
Clovis North has decent educational classes. The learning process is diverse, and helps to tie to the majority of the students needs.
I really enjoy the teachers and staff that have taught me over these couple of years. Some of the teachers have truly shaped me and impacted me in a positive manner, but other areas of the school could be altered. For example, our school has a lack of guidance for senior exit plans and I wish that job fairs could be set up or more counselor aid would be established. Additionally, the distribution of information is pretty disappointing as I often miss meetings and sign-ups due to misinformation.
The only thing I liked about this school was the beauty of the campus and how well kept up everything was. What I did not like was the attitude of peers and pressure from the staff. If you did not have a 4.0 and act like a robot then you were not good enough. Also, the strictness was absurd. Staff members would yell at me from across a distance with no respect and publicly reprimand me for simply wearing leggings or not walking fast enough to where I was supposed to be. Yes, not walking fast enough. Their condescending attitudes is something I will not miss. I felt like a prisoner there and they treat their students like criminals. I’m addition, I had very few teachers that actually taught me. I taught myself almost everything during high school which made the experience that much harder.
The school is a nice big school. Very clean and organized. The only thing I don't like is that everyone is not up to making new friends. People are rude. But you can find some kind people around.
Clovis North gave me the worst and best years of my life. It gave me a solid foundation for the rest of my life and shaped me into the man I am today. There are definitely better schools out there in some categories, but this school is a very top notch school that will make any kid prepared for the future.
Clovis North is a prestigious, well-rounded, and inclusive school. I received an amazing education and I feel that I am ready to begin the next chapter in my life... college! I was involved in numerous clubs and I am a two-year varsity cheerleader. While cheering for various sporting events, I made unforgettable memories and friendships. The one change I would like to see, however, is a football stadium. Our school had to sacrifice a football stadium in order to fund the magnificent performing arts center; nonetheless, during football season we played at the Buchanan High School stadium for our home games. I have two younger siblings who will attend Clovis North in a few years and I would love to see them have a football stadium so they can enjoy an actual home game. But besides the stadium, no other changes are necessary. Overall Clovis North is a wonderful school, dedicated to its students. I wouldn't have traded my four years as a Bronco for anything.
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I am only a sophomore in clovis north but it was a great vibe with a place for everyone. Most of the teachers are really top-of-the-line but you get someone sus every once in a while. Compared to A LOT of other schools i've been to this has been one of the best and certainly the best academically. It's pretty gnarly first going there cuz it's so big. One thing is that it is a pretty strict dress code, which because of its size, cant even really be enforced so it's kind of pointless because some students get dress coded all the time while others never do plus they won't even allow basic attire that student's would normally wear everyday. One other thing is that the school needs to do a little better job of introducing students and letting them no how things work because I honestly had no clue what was going on when I first went there and no one told me so I pretty much had to figure it out on my own.
My experience at Clovis North High School was very good. As a student, I was pushed to take more challenging courses to prep myself for college. As a school, we pride ourselves that we are one of the best public schools in academic performance in California. When I suffered my concussions and missed ample amount of time at school, my teachers worked with me to help learn the material, even when they did not need to.
Clovis North High School is a great school in not only its academics but in its environment. The teachers are in the top of their career field.
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