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Teachers are prepared for their jobs and most/all seem prepared to teach their subject. I transferred here and everyone was extremely welcoming to me. The environment makes me feel safe and important.
I think that Clovis High needs to improve their ways of telling their students about activities since many students are unsure about when certain things are and thus miss out on them.
I liked the diversity at the school I never felt isolated or really saw anyone else that was alone. I think they could improve on the connections between teachers and students.
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I loved Clovis High, GO COUGARS! I would change the food options, as well as, how strict the faculty could be. Sometimes it didn't seem like a school because of the small little policies.
Clovis High is very athletic based, the other programs and clubs aren’t recognized and I wish they were.
Clovis High School offers a wide variety of classes, programs, and extra-curricular activities that are top notch and adapt to help the students’ needs. They are competitive in academics and sports and put importance on working together and achieving greatness.
I loved how involved the t archers are with the students and the surroundings.Clovis high is a very good school and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a high school for their kids to go to.
Clovis high did a good job for preparing me for college. Education was very important there. However, sometimes it did feel like that is all they cared about. Overall a good experience.
It was pretty good. Counselors are friendly and meet often with students. Sports is big at this school and their music program is the best in the area. There are lots of resources available to students as well.
Clovis High School was an amazing high school that promoted a friendly student community, had dedicated teachers, and fun events. In the future, I hope to see Clovis High expand on healthy options in their cafeteria.
One thing I liked about Clovis High was the diversity. But what I want to see change is probably everything else. Most importantly the faculty in student services, in my opinion, they need to dress code consistently and not allow "free passes" to their favorites. Some teachers are really enjoyable and good at teaching but others seem like they don't know what they're doing or are just sports coaches that were required to join in teaching. This isn't an attack on my school it's just my observation from a non-leadership stand point.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Clovis High. It was a very safe environment and taught me to be a more outgoing and more confident woman. It absolutely prepared me for college and taught me how to build meaningful and beautiful long lasting relationships. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone considering finishing their high shook career there and strongly encourage them to shoot for their dreams!
Clovis High school provides students with advanced opportunities in education. The teachers genuinely care about their students and will help them strive. There are all kinds of clubs offered for students with a range of interests. Safety is always enforced on campus.
Faculty were always good here. Campus feels open and safe. Kept current equipment to keep students using fresh materials.
I did like the staff, however the students are very "clickish." I moved to Clovis from Reedley and I think that if they did more outreach activities for students to get to know their class, I would have had a much better senior year at this new school.
Clovis High school is different from other high schools. This school strives to make everyone feel included, and attempts to keep learning fun while also pushing its students to the upmost level of education. The staff and administration is dedicated to its students safety, and the campus is kept immaculate even though it is over 100 years old. The rich tradition and community involvement makes Clovis High stand out!
I like it it's I interesting and different you have more choices in classes,new people you get to leave for lunch and go out and eat with friends, there are so many spots like soccer, basketball, volleyball, football,dance cheer
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I loved all of the teachers that I had over the years. They motivated me and helped me mature and become the woman I am today. One thing I'd like to see change would be the fact that they care too much about enforcing dress code and restricting phone use. It'd be better if they focused more on education rather than discipline.
IN Clovis High there are many things to do for the average Joe. But these average Joes are not able to reach their true potential, because of social class, racism, and popularity. I am constantly standing up for other people when they are getting picked on by seniors or bullies that it has got to a point where the kids have lost faith in themselves since this is a everyday thing.
Clovis High is a school that promotes unity and excellence. It's apparent in sports, clubs, and class. However, recently there has been an issue of racist thought from students. It is far from being a representation of the school, however no strong punishment has come from administration regarding the issue. Over all, Clovis High school is an inclusive and high standing school.
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