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Amazing teachers who truly care about students. Downside is many of the building qualities are poorly kept. For example, the parking lots aren't plowed in the winter and there is no air conditioning in the summer.
Great faculty. A lot of students are nice. Honors classes have rigorous courses and challenge the best. Sports have a lot of participation and students are full of colt pride even when the teams aren't doing too well. Parents like to get involved, helping out with concessions and the band, as well as fundraising and being on the PTO.
Cloverleaf High School is a small school, which I like. It is easy to know everybody. The school itself is old and in desperate need of a renovation or just an entirely knew building. The cafeteria food is actually pretty good. There are many options everyday, which is nice in case somebody doesn't like what is being served that day. Overall, Cloverleaf is definitely a unique school.
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Cloverleaf is an okay school. Some teachers don't care about your education where very few do. I have to work extra hard at this school because the teachers are not very good at explaining things for us students.
The food was horrendous, so a new menu and food supplier would be recommended. The teaching staff needs to be renewed, some were unfriendly to the students in general, they had no joy in teaching or working with the students. The majority were unfriendly and made the overall experience negative . The electives were beneficial and enjoyable, and for the age of the school, it was well kept. The school was becoming more modern with updated technology and the faculty was beginning to treat the students with more respect.
What I liked about Cloverleaf is the inclusiveness and support towards athletics and clubs. I would not change much about Cloverleaf, honestly.
Most of the teachers are dedicated to helping students learn and explore their own minds.
The area sucks and there is a lot of unnecessary school drama.
There are some pretty strict rules and I personally thought they were not needed. (The rules were mainly about dress code).
If you’re honest and kind, most of the time you will be able to have a civil conversation with the teachers and principles.
My experience at cloverleaf high school has been pretty good overall. The teachers are nice, but there are some that do a poor job at teaching. The general classes are way too easy to be a high school level course. If you want to get prepared for college you must take AP classes. The high school is not in the worst shape, but it sucks not having air conditioning. Also walking back and forth between the main school and the annex is annoying especially if it is cold and rainy.
I enjoyed the smaller class size which allowed myself to know nearly everyone in my grade, and since we had all been in the same grade for 12 years of school great friendships were made. Of course there are ups and downs in high school, for every excellent teacher that I love there is another teacher that I can not stand. Overall I enjoyed my High School experience.
I loved being part of my Cloverleaf Colt family. The teachers truly cared about all of the students succeeding and becoming better versions of ourselves. The administrative staff, especially our principals, were strict; however, their rules were only to make us become better adults. Overall, the whole staff pushed us in the direction we needed to be, and helped to guide us back if we strayed from our paths. I am proud to have been a Cloverleaf Colt.
I have been bullied out of this school before where not only students, but parents as well were trying to get me kicked out and my mother fired from her job at the school. The school had no punishments for any of their behavior, but instead told me to basically suck it up and bullying is not the problem; I was the problem.
I would rather not go to this school because it is an unsafe environment for people like me. Bullying and drugs are HUGE at this school.
It's given me a place to grow and be successful.
My past few years of high school were both good and bad. I really enjoyed running with my cross country team over the past few years. I really connected with the individuals on my team. I did go through a rough patch in high school, however, this wasn't the schools fault. I feel that it is just a normal process every high school student experiences at some point in time. One thing that makes my school unique compared to other schools is its size. My school is a very small school, which can be both good and bad. In my opinion though, I believe attending a smaller school is beneficial. I know everyone in my class as well as classes above and below me. As a whole, my school has a unique relationship in that we are one big family, not strangers. I have known most of the kids in my school since I was in pre-school. That is one of the reasons why I love my school so much, and if I had the choice to redo high school I wouldn't for a minute consider any other school besides my own.
The teachers at my school are very much average. They care about the students, but do not go above and beyond the standard teaching requirements. Sometimes I feel that communication is lost between the students and teachers, and that is something they could work on. As for grading consistency most teachers are pretty consistent. There have only been a few teachers at my school that I have actually had to remind several times to grade our test.
We still have many extracurricular opportunities with most being pay to participate.
My school is so unique, you can drive your tractor to school on that designated day.
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Some teachers will cater to the students needs filling the gap when not all students learn the same way.
I feel my children are receiving an excellent education. Honors and AP classes have the best teachers.Both of my kids are active in marching band, which has been very beneficial to both of them. I feel Math Department very weak. I am proud both of my children attend Cloverleaf.
Love the small town feel. All of the kids know each other and grow up together.
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