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At Cloverdale High school you are able to build a relationship with almost all of your teachers. That is one of the things I admire most about my school. Another thing that I think very highly of in our school system is the accessibility to help. When you get to your senior year and need help with anything as in applying to schools, scholarships that are open, and more. On the flip side their are definitely negatives. The school food is very unappetizing.
Cloverdale High School has a very friendly environment. I transferred there from a much larger school district that I had spent my whole life in and had more and closer friends within months of moving there. The curriculum isn't very challenging, but that's to be expected of such a small school. The teachers are very kind and encouraging no matter what. The main thing to keep in mind is that it is a small, country school and that it's not very challenging, but has a wonderful environment.
I loved everything about Cloverdale! Having the small town vibe and knowing everyone personally was such an experience. The community is very close-knit which results in major support for everyone there.
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I really enjoyed how close everyone was. The teachers were nice and understanding. I also liked how small it was, made it easy to get to class without worrying about being late.
I liked that everyone was included at Cloverdale but the academics are not strong unless you enroll in AP classes.
My experience has been great. Cloverdale is a great school to attend. They academics and athletics are very good.
My time at Cloverdale High School was the best 4 years of my life. I had lots of fun with all the school activities and excessive spirit. The teachers, for the most part, were all easy to get along with and there to teach because they wanted to make a difference in the community. The application process for college and some scholarships were walked through step by step and were made easy.
My only two complaints:
1. The athletic department seemed to be favored over everything else.
2. Academically, I was not fully prepared for college because I was never really pushed in my study habits.
My overall experience has been good. However, I would like to see more technology in the school, as well as more clubs, activities that are geared for students that are not athletes. There needs to be more AP opportunities as well as teachers that are qualified to teach the courses.
Cloverdale highschool, it's a very safe place from how long I've been there. The teachers give help when children or all ages need it, that go to this school. All of them encouraged the students there to fulfill there dreams and start them on there path for opportunities for there future.
Overall the safety of the school is great. There are a few times where students have felt unsafe but it is rare that they do.
There are a lot of opportunities for students to join a variety of after school clubs or sports.
If I could have gone anywhere to high school, I would still choose Cloverdale High School. My overall experience was great in athletics, academics, and extracurricular activities. The faculty and staff allow students to have a great time and many memories are made there.
All of the teachers are extremely nice and friendly to students but when it comes to teaching material they could be better.
Cloverdale has average security measures in a low-risk area. There is always a nurse on staff and Cloverdale teams up with Hendricks Regional Health for sports health. Cloverdale does hire an athletic trainer who is very helpful to athletes. Cloverdale also performs random drug tests and dog drug sweeps. Overall, I find the safety measures at Cloverdale to be reasonable.
Cloverdale has choir, national art society, national technical honor society, national honor society, FFA, academic teams for the Indiana Academic Superbowl, Spell-Bowl, color guard, student council, student publishing, anime club, speech and debate, and powder puff. Every single one of these clubs and organizations have dedicated supervisors. Cloverdale also has a great band program.
My overall experience so far has been positive at Cloverdale High School. I have learned a lot about community work and service, have learned how to communicate better with my peers, and have been given more chances academically and athletically than at my previous school. My favorite experience at Cloverdale has been running for the track and cross country teams. My teammates and coaches have brought out the best in me and are really fun to be around. Cloverdale is really good at giving its students opportunities, and that's what makes it unique. I would go to this school again just to see all the different things I could accomplish with more time.
The teachers I have had at Cloverdale High School are wonderful, compassionate people who have always given it their all to educate their students. In any of my classes, I can ask for advice on college, life, and get help on assignments when I need it. My teachers always find unique ways to teach us and to challenge us. At Cloverdale, I have teachers who are always willing to bend their schedules to help tutor after school. One of the math teachers at my school, for example, tutors my sister and others after school for an hour and a half each day. In my opinion, my teachers go beyond the norm for their students and are truly passionate about the subjects they teach.
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Last year we had a bomb threat which caused the school to spend more money on security. We got new security cameras and the police presence was stepped up for a while. At the beginning of this year the police presence was gone. As long as I've been in the high school, the doors are always to remained locked, students always report suspicious behavior, and all visitors are required to sign in at the front office and wear a badge identifying that they are a visitor.
Sports are the main extracurricular. There are also a variety of clubs and Mr. Stoltz, our principle, will typically approve any club that anyone would like to create. We actually have "Club Days" every other Friday which allows about thirty minutes out of the day for the clubs to meet. We also have things like Spell Bowl, Academic Bowl, FFA, and many other large organizations.
Even though some of our sports teams aren't very good, the school still has a lot of spirit. I really enjoyed playing basketball over my four years and I know a lot of other students who live and breathe sports. There are also more and more AP classes being added every year so that definitely improves the quality of education.
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