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Clover Hill is a great diverse school. Most of the teachers are very passionate about what they are teaching and are willing to help their students the best they can. My experience here has been very positive and has shaped me to be a better person. There's many clubs and organizations to become involved in.
I like Clover Hill High School's dedication to improving the experiences of the students. Overall, the students have great school spirit for a wonderful high school.
Great school with good diversity. Many quality teachers and a very well maintained campus, great parking, and wide range of classes offered. Partnership with community colleges for DE classes, and technical center for trade school students.
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Clover Hill High School is one of the very few diverse schools in Chesterfield County and is super respectful towards all types of kids. I've made wonderful connections with teachers ans admin in my time there. I felt as they did whatever they could do to get me out of high school and made it possible for me to achieve my goals. I felt loved, cared for, and always felt part of a family there.
I have many experiences that will be in memory forever. The thing I liked about Clover Hill were the teachers. They were always interactive with the students and made things that much more memorable.
I personally liked the type of classes the school taught and the level of education was being taught.
My experience at Clover Hill was immensely stimulated by being apart of its nationally ranked show choir program. It involves a combination of my favorite activities in performing arts and creates a family like bond between students of common interests and goals. I feel like the atmosphere of the school could be a bit more diverse and the food could be way better, but other than that I don’t have many critiques with this school.
I love the school, and a majority of the people in it. There was a variety of classes to choose from. The staff was very well, and the students were generally good.
I loved the school spirit and the choral department is amazing! The faculty are amazing. They help every student no matter what and they always have a smile on there face. The school is very spirited. They have all sorts of things from spirit walks to pep rallies and even something called spirit week. Going to Clover Hill was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I made so many friends and memories that will stick with me for a lifetime
I personally enjoyed my experience at Clover Hill High School because of the passion and the energy about the wellness of the school. The atmosphere and the school spirit is what stood out to me in my four years. No matter how games went, or how well the band did, school spirit and support from everyone was always one hundred percent. I didn't see much need for change but sometimes access to my counselor was hard due to her and my schedule so a lot of times I couldn't sit down with her and ask her necessary questions.
I love all the opportunities that I was offered. It was very diverse and offered a lot of clubs, sports, and school events that made it feel like home.
It's above average, but nothing special. I remember my time fondly, but I wouldn't do it again. sdibV:<DSBG?JLX
I am a senior at the Math and Science Specialty Center at Clover Hill High School, and my experience has been absolutely wonderful. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging, and are always willing to help their students. The community at this school is also amazing and has fostered my learning experience at Clover Hill.
I loved the faculty and the teachers here. They showed that they truly do care about their students and help them drive to success. My four years of high school was spent there and I emerged successful in graduating and earning my diploma even though I had many downs in my last two years. My teachers did what they could for me, in order to pass and succeed.
There is always a teacher or guidance counselor their to help whenever your in need. Whenever I am in need of anything they always have my back. They are always trying to put me in the best situation possible to succeed while I'm in high school, and later on in my life Also the classes that are offered at Clover Hill High School really has helped me prepare for college. The teachers always pushing me to do my best on assignments, to ready myself for the college lifestyle. One thing I would change would be that certain teachers that are used to teaching honors or AP level students, could find a way to connect with the lower level students. There are times when the higher level teachers tend to try and lower level students at an accelerated rate, that we aren't accustom to.
I came to Clover Hill on an accident I had with redistricting. But I couldn't be more thankful that this is where I ended up. I was instantly surrounded by great people who cared about me and only wanted the best for me. One of the best parts about Clover Hill is its diversity. With people of different ethnicities, religions, political opinions, and ideals, it made for an interesting environment where everyone could be accepted for whatever it was they did. It was a true coexistence of the different sides of the spectrum and I am thankful for that.

The only thing that keeps me from giving it 5 stars is its handling of consequences for offenses: I am a strong advocate for sexual violence prevention and mental health counseling and Clover Hill didn't live up to what I wanted in that respects. While it had some, I have been pushing for more. But that doesn't negate all of the amazing parts of the school and it shouldn't for you either. Look no further for your high school!!
I am in the Math and Science specialty program at CHHS. My teachers are incredible! They work hard, are understanding, and want you to succeed. Clover Hill is an overall wonderful school. Go Cavs!
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At Clover Hill, the teachers care a lot about the students. All of them provide the same efforts to help each student succeed.
The teachers want the students to succeed and want to do all they can to help. It is a great environment for academics, sports and social activities.
Great School. The Math Sci Program is the best. It has excellent teachers that will work with you to help you reach your fullest potential. The orchestra is great too.
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