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Clover High School prepares its students for life after high school in a way other schools do not. There are a variety of classes with different levels of rigor that many other high schools do not provide. Clubs are very prominent and it is easy to get involved with this school. No school is perfect, but for the most part, academics are strong, and teachers generally care for their students and want to see them succeed.
I like the environment of Clover High School and the overall experience I've had thus far. I also like the people I am surrounded by at CHS.
I am proud to say I'm a Clover Blue Eagle! The teachers are always ready to assist you with anything you need especially if you apply yourself and do your work you will be able to have a good experience.
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The teachers could be better. They promote a lot of anti-bullying things, yet the same teachers do the bullying. The patience the teachers have could also be better.
Ever since transferring to Clover, the staff has been very nice and supportive. The clubs are very active and the school is very involved in their community unlike other schools. Although their food could be better, Clover has a wide variety of resources for students that are accessible through the counselors. I haven't been to Clover for an extended amount of time, but I wish I knew about this high school sooner.
Clover High School and the Clover school district is the reason I want to move back to Clover after college and become an educator in that area. The classroom environment and along with the staff made for a very positive high school experience. With extensive resources I felt I was well prepared for my future college endeavors.
I have been to many different high schools in the state and I do not know if I could find a better school. The fine arts programs are top notch, for example the Choraliers are always best in the state. The athletics are great, for example the Boys and Girls soccer teams are always ranked in the top of the national rankings and are well coached teams both on and off the field. This may be the best high school in the state of South Carolina.
I was in clover school district my entire life. Since it was a small town, you grew very close with those you had class with along with teachers. Almost all teachers were excellent and very nice and understanding. But there were also those that didn't care much about their students. I always felt safe when i was at school, and I knew they took all necessary measures to keep us safe. I didn't always feel like I fit in but that is just like any other school. I don't miss high school at all. I grew close with some teachers and my councilor during the rough times i was in school, and they always supported me and encouraged me. Still to this day i go back and see them when i get a chance.
I like the community of Clover. The band program is amazing and the people are really friendly. Many of the teachers are not the best. They don't explain well and many graduated Clover High School and they are not the smartest. Some days the teachers just don't feel like teaching and they let you do whatever you want.
This is absolutely the best high school in South Carolina!! The atmosphere is great and the teachers are exceptional. There are plenty of after-school activities and I'm privileged to have gone here!
Clover High School has a few excellent qualities, such as provision of Macbook Airs to all students to use for schoolwork and an array of AP options for classes. Some drawbacks of the school include health services and diversity and inclusion.
This was my first and only school in this district, and though I had a rough start, the administration was very helpful and committed to getting me back on track. I honestly can't thank them enough. Also there's a club for everyone on campus so don't be afraid to put yourself out there.
If you're offered early graduation in your junior/senior year, take it. Work now, thank me later.
The amount of opportunity and freedom we are given is great. The teachers are well-versed in what they are teaching and are able to answer questions easily.
Clover High School is definitely the place to be. When I moved to the district in the 3rd grade, after transferring from a charlotte public school, everything was completely different. I moved to a smaller school in Clover and only had a class size about 15 or so kids when in Charlotte, there were at least 25 in each class. With the school being smaller, it became more personable. The principle knew every person’s name and their parents. Although that was 8 years ago, I still feel the same way. With a larger 5A school, and a class with 600, even now, the principle and the staff knows each and every person by name it seems like. I love this school and I am really going to miss everyone here.
This school has no idea what it's doing and no idea how to help the students that it does have. The administration at this school just expects everyone to know how to do everything right the first time. The teachers don’t know how to control the students they have. In every single class, I've taken there has always been this one kid who never shuts up and always causes problems for the whole class. The teachers are not trained well enough on how to handle different situations in the classroom. I have no joy coming to school every day it was just oh I have to do this so I'm going to.
Clover High School, Is an excellent school for the academics teachers high stress getting us kids ready for the college level. The facilities are excellent and the opportunities are endless.
Clover is not a bad school. Let me start by saying that. The education quality itself is great and the sports teams are heavily focused on and rightfully so!

Now to point out some issues:

- The students are not happy with the atmosphere of the school. Being a student myself, I recall many times where I have felt ignored or lost to the ocean of faces in the school.
- The sports may be focused on a little too much. While Clover is very competitive, the students are not. Pep rallies are held all the time and nobody wants to go. People sign out or find excuses not to go to school because of pep rallies. The high school actually banned people from signing out on rally days, not that students listened.
- Something is wrong with the mental health atmosphere. Being fully upfront, a school should care about its students. If a student looks bothered, someone should ask what's wrong. Nobody does this. And sometimes it results in bad things happening to good people.
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I liked the athletic programs. The team aspect really helped me gain a lot of the life skills I have today, as well as the friendships I have now. The way some of the teachers taught were not always up to date. Some of the teachers did not understand how that some kids have different learning methods.
I believe clover high school is a pretty good school , food classes and good teachers that actually teaches you and you learn , things I will change would be the dress code for girls and some ways the school works , but I believe clover highs school is a school in which kids actually learn and can be successful.
Clover is a fantastic school. They encourage college prep classes. They have a program called Middle College, where student can go to the local community college and attend part time. There are many programs that prepare the students for college or for trades immediately after graduation. And most important The Choraliers are the best in the state 13 out of 14 years!
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