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If you are a parent who is able to volunteer or give a lot of money your child may have a chance. Being a smaller school their should be more hands on with each student and its not. They have special groups and when you find out why your child wasn’t invited being that they are having trouble in a subject they then want to add your child. It shouldn’t be that hard for everybody to have the same opportunity. Make sure you read the handbook Because they basically want all A students and don’t get in any trouble. Kids will be kids !!!!!!!!
We were excited for our daughter to attend (elememtary). Big campus with onsite athletic facilities, etc. The K-12 setup was nice because older kids and younger kids had chances to learn from each ither and have mentor "buddies". The teachers she had for 2 years that she attended were good. Sports, band and activities for older kids.

However, we quickly learned that the rural non-diverse student body and their families were not for us. The location of the school probably had a lot to do with the people it attracted.

If your child did not start at the school in Kindergarten, there was little chance to become a part of the cliquesh atmosphere. Bullying was allowed, at least in the younger grades, and my daughter, a smart avid reader and learner, did not fit in with the other kids, who were more interested in what cowboy boots they wore.

So we found a better fit for our daughter at another charter school.
I have been a student at Clover Garden School for 6 years. Throughout my time here I have made some lasting relationships with my peers. The problems I have faced at this school are fixable. I only hope that once I graduate these things will change. The school lacks diversity and has very few programs for students of color to feel included. They also lack an understanding for the issues of students of color. Other than the lack of inclusiveness, Clover Garden has the right resources for students wanting to go to college. They do live up to being a college prep school.
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I have been attending Clover Garden for some time now. Ever since I began, the school has gone from good to worse. Administration has hired unqualified people to run the school, some teachers do not even meet the basic requirements to teach, and students are unmotivated to reach academic success. However, the community of students and the closeness among the student body is one thing I do like about our school.
I love everything about the school. Everyone knows everyone since it’s a small school. Teachers genuinely go out of their way to make sure every student succeeds. The schedule is nice too. It’s a mix between a normal schedule and a year round schedule.
Good to have small number of students in class.
Since K-12, hard for student to adjust since they are seen as outsider is they didn't start in lower elementary.
Not very many electives for High School
As a student at Clover Garden, I enjoy many things. I like the nice clean buildings, the curriculum, and tasty lunch options. I do not like the lack of diversity, and the favoritism shown by the staff. Because Clover Garden is such a small school, staff members easily form positive/negative relationships with students and this affects the overall environment.
The administration is biased and there is an unsettling amount of stigmatization that goes on here. There is a lack of bureaucracy at Clover Garden that on the surface seems like a benefit in comparison to traditional public schools. But, the reality is completely opposite. I plan to follow the path of other parents I know who've once held the same misconceptions of charter schools that I've had, and withdraw my child from this school. We've had a very unsatisfactory experience here.
After graduation, I came to know more and more about what goes one within the body of the school. The are many favorites in the school just by the way you dress and even if your parents work there or not. I went to Clover Garden for 13 years, and I have seen the school grow and start to fall. Personally, I do not fell all that ready for college when it comes to some subjects, but when the teachers get all of their tests off of quizlet and allow use the internet to find the answers. Most of the class we just sit there and talk for the most part until someone of the administration comes walking by. The school likes to use scare tactics, like canceling our senior prom because someone did not get their way, this shows you how immature the school's admin really is. Personally, I don't recommend this school because of what goes on inside the school.
Faculty and Staff ensure students learn everyday. Parents are made to feel like they are a part of the school.
Clover Garden School is a safe, fun, and prestigious learning environment. The teachers and staff do an awesome job to keep the school safe, fun, clean, and to ensure that each child is learning!
I love CGS because of the small, parent involved, caring atmosphere. The teachers take the time to get to know the students and their strengths and weaknesses and work with parents to tailor each child's experience to their specific needs.
My children love Clover Garden. My kids would love FRA club. Also, more electives like carpentry, antibodies, and home economic to help prepare them for jobs.
Clover Garden has a loving and caring environment. The older students seem to take care and love on the younger kids. Great school!
Pretty racist and homophobic. I would recommend it for any people that like hunting and putting american and confederate flags on their clothes.
Clover Garden has a family atmosphere. It is a great place to be involved in. Parents are always willing to help out whenever needed.
Clover Garden School is a wonderful Charter school!! The faculty and administration do their very best to make it a great school. The students for the most part intermingle very well and are respectful to staff and parent volunteers. The administration & staff are very grateful & appreciative of the parents who volunteer to help out at the school.
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Clover garden is a family. Love, learning and community set it apart from others. Parents are encouraged to be involved in all aspects and it makes a huge difference for the bind between everyone.
My kids graduated and were well prepared for college. Some of the better teachers are no longer there now. I feel that the administration is lacking adequate education for their positions and professionalism. There are many resources in the alumni that aren't used unless they are related to someone that already works at the school.
Volunteering used to be a valuable resource, but appears to be unimportant to current administration, guess they don't want the parent population to know what transpires during the day.
My son started in kindergarten this year there and they have went above and beyond with him, he had a very difficult start and they would go out if the way to contact me with updates so I wouldnt worry and before he started he barley could say his whole alphabet now he is reading all his sight words he not only knows his abcs but he can identify them and write short sentences. He has grown so much since starting.
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