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Cloudland is a small school in a small town where everyone knows each other. Most of the teachers are good at their jobs and genuinely care about each student. The education does not prepare one for college. I got a good education, but not a college ready experience. The school does not prepare for the fast pace, daily homework, and full schedule of college.
Cloudland high school is located in a small town called Roan Mountain. The school itself is quite small as well and the staff are outstanding people who try to do their best to prepare each and every individual student life lessons. However, the resources and funds are limited and that can sometimes affect a school of only 300 students. Sometimes negatively and sometimes positively. Overall, cloudland is a very good hometown kind of high school with lots of people in it who actually care for you and will try to do their best to help you in any way they can.
This school is an okay school but i would like to experience other places and see the difference between this school and others.
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For the most part teachers love helping their student and go above and beyond to get them were they need to be and doing everything the can to see their student succeed.
This school is just like any other school most student come to get what need to be done so that they can graduate. Even though cloudland is an okay school I think that I would like to experience other places and see how different other school teach and treat their students. The main reason I don't think that I would choose this school again is because you can see favoritism stick out everywhere especially if you go on a daily basis. cloudland isn't the only school that is like this but for some reason it seems to stand out a little more here, even with that being said cloudland is still an okay school.
Most of the teacher's in this school go above and beyond and take great interest in the kids. Cloudland high school is a small school but when student's need help from one of them they are usually willing to do their job and help the student's the best they can. Even though most all teachers don't have as much interest in students, others do and they all help the best they can even after class is over.
We often score low on tests, and in the classroom, it's obvious why. Students will ignore the teacher to discuss whatever they want, and few kids know how to keep a binder organized (or where to find one). I often feel like we should cover much more material much quicker, but the average student can't keep up. Being smart here is literally suffocating.
People can easily walk in and out without any staff knowing. Gates are left open, doors are unlocked, and we have no metal detectors or IDs. The nurse isn't always at the high school, she spends more time at the elementary. When you do go, she's generally unhelpful and unable to do much. I had an allergic reaction with some serious symptoms, and it took half an hour to her to travel the five minutes between schools. Then she didn't even have anything for allergic reactions, so I just got sent home anyway.
There's barely any clubs, and most don't actually meet or do anything. The best things to do after school are band, knitting, and that's about it. Recently some effort has been put into making new clubs, but students are generally uninterested. The same group of students tends to be in most of the extracurricular activities.
Cloudland is what you make of it. It is underfunded, with few class option, and our testing results are very low. Many classes are a waste of time and frustrating for those who wish for a challenge or even an engaging class period. However, if you study hard, you can do well and get out of here. The positives are caring teacher, understanding staff, and friendly people. There are few cliques and most people are kind. I have never experienced bullying here or seen it not be handled. It still doesn't have many clubs or AP classes, so academically, it's very unimpressive, but the people make it tolerable. Band is the best part of my day. The only things I will miss will be my friends and band.
Workload can barely be called a workload. The teachers are a joke (not all of them, but most). There aren't study options (that I was made aware of). Popular classes are the classes that are easiest to pass.
Parent involvement is low. The counselor that worked there when I was attending honestly cared about the students. She was a sweetheart and showed everyone respect. The school just recently started advancing in technology.
I would not go to this school again if I was given the choice and my children WILL NOT be attending this school. It is full of favorites and bullies. Most teachers don't even know the subject they are teaching and are bullies themselves (there are a few teachers I absolutely love and respect that deserve a better job). The students are disrespectful and have no motivation. Sports are overly worshiped. Lunch is disappointing (and they wonder why the students don't eat). There is no variety whatsoever and the school does absolutely NOTHING to prepare its students for college or the "real world". The principal is a child himself and a major letdown. The only people who have pride in this school are the ones who have lived in the city their whole life and are too lazy for a real work ethic (and the ones who love the drama and gossip and destroying minors lives).
Bullying, again, is a problem. Some teachers even take part in the bullying/gossiping. Bullying is not dealt with accordingly. Once, when I had swine flu and had a fever, the nurse wouldn't let me go home.
They do not provide students with healthy or tasty food. The variety is nonexistent. They did away with regular sodas (except for in the weight room) but their vending machine snack choices are unhealthy.
Bullying is not disciplined like the school promised it would be. "Zero discipline" is such a joke there. Bullies are not disciplined unless one of their favorites are a victim. A few teachers even join in the bullying. Again, it's unprofessional. The dress code DOES NOT apply to any of the athletes.
There are not many sports a person can play at this school. They only have softball, baseball, football, cheerleading, girl's basketball, and boy's basketball. The variety is terrible.
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I can only applaud a few teachers at that school. Most do not honestly care (or I felt they did not) about certain students. The teachers there gossip like they are teenage girls. It is highly unprofessional.
There are only a handful of sports to join and the clubs (if they are not sports related) have to work for their own funding. There is favoritism.
I never had to study at Cloudland to get the grade and, so, when I left and started college, it was hard for me to make the transition. Courses were not that tough, and, now, I am overwhelmed.
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