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Cloudcroft High School as a very good place for people wanting a safe and secure learning enviroment. Extra Curriculars and loved and CHS offers alot
Cloudcroft High School has very good academics and well-respected teachers. I would like to see more resources and programs for college scholarships and financial aid. I have been involved with the football team here since my junior year and it is extremely small. If more people were involved in sports we would have much more competitive teams.
I feel the Academic Education I received at Cloudcroft High School was good and prepared me for a positive future. I would like to see more diverse activities be available for the students attending Cloudcroft High School.
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Wonderfull High school with devoted teachers, wonderfull staff and great students. I truly felt like I could flourish here! Everyone looks out for you and wishes you the best!
Everyone is so friendly here! People know one another and will willingly accept others. It feels like you are more of person in this school rather than another name and number on an attendance sheet. Teachers are willing to help with any questions. Even though the mountains might make it hard to get places during the winter, Cloudcroft does not lack in sports and extra-curricular activities.
I'm new to the site but so far everything has been very user friendly and easy to comprehend. Love all of the functions and choices I have in the site fro my use.
I loved Cloudcroft. I started going to Cloudcroft in Kindergarten and graduated class of 2016. I loved being in the cool mountains. There weren't many kids which made it easy to get along with everyone. The teachers really focused on the students education which helped a lot now that I am in college. I wish I could go back to high school already.
The extracurricular opportunities at this school are very poor, and lack diversity
If I could take back my freshman and sophomore year and choose another school I absolutely would. I know for a fact that a private school would have better equipped me with the necessary skills to push forward and go to a prestigious college.
As I previously stated above, the teachers do care for their students and attempt to help as best they can. However, I do not believe that I am receiving an adequate education.
I was in a number of clubs, including Knowledgebowl, which was great. I loved band, as well as sports. Key Club was another good one, as long as people were willing to do their part. There were plenty of ways to be engaged besides just showing up to class.
My favorite part of high school was band. I think it's what made me get out of my shell and it really helped me make a lot of great friends. Athletics were also fun, but sometimes the parents of everyone participating were too competitive. The school itself was great, because there weren't very many people in each class, so everyone was very close.
The teachers are very passionate and help their students as much as possible. I think that maybe they should use their technology that's available to them more often, but overall, going to Cloudcroft High School was a great experience.
No relevant threats affect or threaten the school.
Not all clubs and organizations are funded.
The best part is everyone knows each other.
The students have personal relationships with students.
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I have been attending Cloudcroft schools ever since the fourth grade. With in this time, my experience has been a great one. Teachers have been supportive and so have other parents. I have never had any issues with my teachers and since it is a small school, there is more of a one-on-one relationship between the teachers and students. If I have questions over class work or life events in general, they are always more than happy to help me out at the best of their ability. My teachers/coaches always know if something is bothering me or if I am struggling and do the best that they can to help me improve. All my teachers have always helped me along the way and have given me the knowledge needed in order to become successful in anything that I choose to do. They always encourage me to go above and beyond what is expected. I feel that this is the true role of a teacher because if they were to always shut an individual down, the student would feel that their education no longer serves a purpose. Other parents have even seen potential in my future and have been more than supportive. Some of these parents have even seen higher expectations for me than I have for myself. With having supportive teachers and parents in my school, I have realized that there is a much larger future for me than I would have ever thought.
There's nothing wrong. Everyone is nice. You are likely to only have one or two enemies.
The nurse isnt very available because we only have one nurse for both the elementary/middle school and the highschool. However, the need for the nurse is rare.
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