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I love the communities I see. Each club and activity and class has a unique atmosphere that I have loved being a part of. I would like to see our choral program be taken better care of, as our uniforms, music, and rehearsal space have been neglected in the past years. Our wonderful new choral teacher needs help to make the wonderful program she is capable of providing to our district.
The thing I like about Cloquet Senior High School, is the ability to make friends easily because of the large class sizes. There are almost 200 kids in my class, which means there's a bunch of kids for me to get to know and hopefully become friends with. However, a thing that the Cloquet School District could change is the fact that some of the teachers love seeing kids fail.
People are friendly, there is next to no bullying and if there is it is always handled well by teachers and other staff members. The campus is nice, and is located in a smaller sized town, classes are evenly distributed and students feel at ease to ask for help.
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I really liked Cloquet because all the teachers and staff truly care about you and want you to succeed. They get to know you as individuals and create personal relationships with their students.
Cloquet Senior High school actively fosters a very welcoming and open learning environment. The classes are rigorous and the teachers demand and expect high-quality work. It is an excellent prep for college.
It was high school, so the other students were't always great. The staff really made it special, though. I gave it my all, and the teachers did their best to encourage and tutor me in any way possible. During lunch I would get help on assignments from my teachers, and I would stay after school to get free tutoring in the library.
It was really nice having adults that cared so much about my success and well being. I always had somebody to turn to, whether it was school work, my future college plans, or my mental health.
Senior year was probably the toughest year, especially at the end. But I always had my teachers to depend on.
This senior high sets the bar a little higher than most small town colleges do. I had a graduating class of around 180 and there were 12 of us that graduated with a GPA of above 4.0!
The teachers there really pushed you to do your best. And there was always someone to help you!! Cloquet Senior High School is very accepting to different people. I do wish they would find different classes each year. Change it up a bit. But they do have a lot of sports you can choose from. And a lot of after school activities!!!
I wish there was more concern in the student culture with academics. Also, there needs to be more acknowledgement of non-athletic achievements and more support for academic competition within the class.
Great school and really prepares you for life, college, and reality. Lots of students so class sizes are large. 25+ students a class. Teachers and counselors do their best to accommodate each student. Even the special need kids. There is about one para for every couple of kids with special needs.
The teachers are amazing. I have felt more than welcome. My teachers are encouraging, funny, understanding, hardworking, strict, and just wonderful people. My friends are like family to me. I have only been in a couple high school activities but I have felt welcome in each and every one of them from doing lights for one act to swimming, knowledge bowl to track to acting in the play. I have had an overall fantastic experience but with all schools there will always be a "problem". Some kids don't like school. Some kids are disrespectful. With all things involving humans there will be conflict and gossip. I believe it is our job to be respectful and as civil as possible and to respect others opinions. All schools have their ups and downs. I believe what makes Cloquet High School a great school is the staff, the numerous activities you can get involved in, the fact that they have mental health professionals on site for the wellbeing of the kids and so much more.
I enjoy Cloquet Senior High very much. They students and faculty are enjoyable to be around and around every corner there is somewhere to help you no matter what. I would like to see the facilities to be updated in some areas. Some of the water fountains do not work and some of the bathroom sinks could use updating.
I'm a junior in many advanced/college classes, swimteam, theater, choir, NHS.
My teachers really care, want me to learn and be ready for the future, they do what they can to help.
Students have devices.
We’ve many electives.
Library's open after school with homework help.
Honestly druggies are common.
Some Wednesdays each month in homeroom we learn how we could prepare for college.
My activities are fun. We performed Legally Blonde the musical, I hope we keep advancing. Choir’s had different teachers these past years. Swimteam’s grown. Coaches are going to change, but I'm sure we'll keep advancing.
We've native American programs.
And exchange student program.
(hard 2 fit all sry 4 grammar)
There are a plethora of activities offered at the Cloquet High School from sports to theater to board game club. The overall class size was is not too big but not too small, a lot of people get to know you but not to the point where they know your life story. The teachers effectively prepare students for college and it is easy to create a more memorable relationship with them if you choose to do so. The faculty is kind and easy to talk to but are intimidating when they need to be. One thing I did not like about this school was the food. It is not that satisfying but some students get excited over some of the choices. But theoveral positives outmatch the negatives with this school.
The teachers are amazing here. They have helped me when I struggled with not only school work but homelife as well. Some of my previous teachers will forever be considered a friend to me. Great school academically as well!

Graduated in 2017
I really like how the education is set up as in the learning is amazing and I also like how the teachers work with you one on one when you need it. However, the students have no respect for themselves or others. Especially the boys towards the girls. To the majority of the boys at CHS, girls are nothing more than sex toys and people to screw with. Then again Cloquet is nothing more than sex, drugs and parties.
Cloquet Senior High was a great fit for me throughout my High School Career. The classes provided challenged me, helped me grow, and above all made me think. The honor's classes (also known as advanced placement courses) were a wonderful opportunity to get college level classes under my belt before graduating. Also, the staff in the high school are excellent. Every teacher is there early and ready to help any student who asks. The genuine sincerity of the faculty is really something I look up to! They take the time to explain things thoroughly and offer extra resources for additional work, and practice. If my questions weren't fully answered or I still didn't quite understand one thing or another they were always open to talking after school, on weekends, and over email.
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I had a small graduating class and my entire grade happened to be quite close; we were fortunate not to have many cliques. Although, Cloquet unfortunately is known for being a clique-y school.If I could change anything about Cloquet High School, I would try and eliminate the cliques as well as increase the school spirit.
The teachers at Cloquet Senior High School are amazing. They have all helped me prepare for my college journey in such different ways. Not only have they prepared me academically, but physically and mentally. My overall experience at Cloquet Senior High School has been one I will never forget.
The teachers are great, really believe in your success. Lots of great classes to take and you learn so much. No other school I would rather learn at.
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