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Wonderful school. I would highly recommend it to anyone as the education here is first class. The teachers and facilities are amazing.
I didn't actually go to the school, I was a student in the home schooling program. This was a very good program for me as I was able to study what I was most interested in.
My nephew attended this school and graduated with knowledge of the world around him and the social competence needed to succeed in life. Before attending Clonlara he did not have that inner drive to learn. After only attending for a few weeks this love of learning that he had never before exhibited began to shine in each new endeavor he attempted. The staff are available and passionate, willing to go the extra mile for each individual student. Needless to say I am the proud Aunt of a Graduate of Clonlara School and highly recommend this school. If you are looking for a school that focuses on hands on learning, special projects and recognizes the importance of community along with being in business for fifty years I recommend that you stop by their website and Facebook pages to learn more about Clonlara School.
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My son graduated from Clonlara this past June. It is a wonderful environment for ANY student, K through 12. The education is hands-on and tailored to the interests and strengths of each student. If you or your child are looking for a unique learning experience not bogged down by written tests and memorization that will provide a high quality education and experiences that will last a life-time, PLEASE visit the Clonlara campus and see what they are all about.
If your child learns differently and doesn't conform to their perfect model, good luck. They even admit to letting past students graduate that shouldn't have. Worst experience ever. Administration just puts kids down. Not a very good learning environment. Think twice before spending your money here
This is a dangerous place to send your child. Despite the philosophy expounded by the admin the practice results in bullying, poor educucation, and a hostile administration when a report is made. We are reporting this school to the accrediting body and filing misconduct reports on the teachers.
My daughter graduated 15 years ago. Pat Montgomery of Clonlara said repeatedly back then that if a student wanted a government job, they should have a private school diploma, even though homeschooling is legal. Well, we just learned how true that statement was. Now that she's 33, my daughter's current career has led to a government job that requires vetting. As proud as we are of her homeschooling "diploma," it was only Clonlara's verification that allowed her to pass through the vetting process. We are so grateful for the extra layer of protection that Clonlara School gave us.
I am a student in the Clonlara At-Home Program. This program has allowed for me to pursue my interests in a manner that was not possible while I was attending a public high school. The flexibility with curriculum and the pursuit of the student's education has allowed for me to explore my academic interests while still maintaining a fun, focused environment. I am incredibly grateful for Clonlara as it has helped re-awaken my love of learning and provided a learning environment perfectly suited for myself.
This school has several challenges. I should start by saying I do believe several of the teachers try their best. However, they are in some ways ill-equipped to handle the special needs of these kids, are too inexperienced, or don't have the support/resources they need to be successful. I actually feel sorry for many of them - but not all.

My child was there for two years and left knowing less that they started knowing. It took several months of work to get academics back up to par and eliminate the bad habits that had been acquired.

There are no qualified professionals on staff to assist children with special needs and teachers are often left trying to handle sensitive situations while controlling the class. Each alone is difficult but together they are impossible.

Parents are continually asked for money or volunteer time to support the school and when you can't pay, you are viewed negatively. I've worked with other private schools and realize parental involvement is key. However, this is traditionally not for the benefit of the kids, but for basic upkeep of the school itself.
I learned so much information, about everything (all required electives and classes as well as myself).