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I definitely love being here with my friends each and every day. The algorithm and vibe have definitely changed over the past two years because of the new principal and assistant principal that we got. The district as a whole has also changed because of more parents speaking up about what they believe in and what they think is best for their school.
I formed a lot of personal bonds with my teachers that are irreplaceable that I valued very much throughout my academic career. The teachers at Clintonville are highly dedicated to their students' learning and performance. I sensed throughout my four years at this school that the teachers wanted to be there. They were not the simply for a paycheck, they showed up because they wanted students to learn and succeed. By my sophomore year I felt significantly comfortable and welcomed into Clintonville High as a valuable asset. It was easy for me to fit in and to take part in leadership roles such as Upward Bound, Link Crew and various other clubs. The only thing I would improve about Clintonville is their diversity and inclusion. I feel that Clintonville students are under-educated about diverse cultures and their significance. Once students are more educated on this subject Clintonville will become an even greater school to be a part of.
I have gone to this school every single school year of my life, and I can honestly say that I would not recommend this high school or even this school district in general. The school board, with exceptions to maybe two members, is made up of corrupt, self-serving people who don't want the best for the students. Most of the teachers genuinely care about their students, but it's hard for teacher to actually benefit the students when so many limitations are put upon them by the school board and administration. With recent administration changes in the high school, it is clear to every student at Clintonville High School that the students are not the main priority: money is.
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My experience at Clintonville High School has been great. I have met many new friends and I get along with the staff very well. I love all the activities I was involved in, and I am also involved in many clubs.
Most of the teachers wanted to see you succeed and helped you reach your goals. However, some of the school rules prevented some students from gaining an equal education.
There are lots of opportunities at Clintonville High. The class sizes are nice and it allows the teachers to help. I would like it if there were more options for different classes.
Students are rarely sick and they are safe.
It's extracurricular are good and diverse.
My first year was amazing because I joined show choir as a beatboxer and I joined band and they were the best thing that I could ever do.
The teachers inspire the students and motivate them to go beyond on what they could do.
People are very narrow-minded, and they have not been exposed to a lot of positive diversity in this town.
Only a few teachers really encourage you to push yourself, and the guidance counselor sometimes tells people they can't take harder classes. (Thanks to my class, this is mostly changed for classes after us, but it isn't flawless).
The nurse is here maybe twice a week. Nothing goes wrong often.
There are a variety of things made for everyone.
I love the teachers! They re always there for students and really help them succeed.
I don't believe I was properly challenged here.
Most of the teachers are great, but some are bad.
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The communication between staff members and students is not fluent. Often times we do not know what is going on within the school.
Typically the classrooms have a very comfortable atmosphere and are welcoming. If I had the choice I would still attend this school because it is one of the best in the immediate area. We have very good science and english departments and many opportunities to not only travel to other countries but also to help out in our own community.
There is not diversity at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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