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Clintondale High School Reviews

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Clintondale was an interesting place to go to school. I really didn't learn much and I wasn't prepared for college at all. Overall, it was an okay experience. Nothing much to say about it.
I've made some great memories here and the teachers are helpful and supportive. I love the family dynamic of the school.
I love the teachers, they are very helpful and will work with you whenever you need help. Also, sports are fairly good
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Everything, your not just a number at Clintondale. Teachers and other staff members personally know you and make you want to learn. Clintondale has alot of opportunities to get a headstart in college as well.
I had some good experiences at clintondale. Small school but you make close bonds with everyone and the staff is good
Clintondale Schools is a good place to learn. Most teachers really do seem to care about the well being of their students. They will help students anyway the can. This school cares a lot about sports, which can be rather annoying. I think the school should focus more on clubs. We only have two running clubs. To make the school better I believe they should offer a more diverse class and club selections.
In my opinion this school is one of the worst schools in the entire history of the United States. The administration at the school is absolutely terrible. They have a 17% overall in math for a reason. The teachers don't know how to teach and the students don't want to learn at all. I hate the school and I always will hate it. Never go to this school. There are many way better options. If you go here expect to become very lazy and for the academics to be poor.
they have a in school health center from st.johns which is awesome and they have Wayne State c2pipline which is one of the best college activities I've seen. The teachers for the most part are great. they truly care but the administration doesn't care about its students or teachers. the students tend to be smart kids who throw away everything because they think they cant make it. and the place is crawling with bugs.
Well Clintondale is a alright school but I wish there were more students here. Clintondale is pretty safe if you ask me every school has the cliques but other than that it's a good school to send your kids.
The school appears decent on the surface, but once you've experienced it first hand and seen how little it actually prepares you it becomes so pathetic. The administration is all money driven, the teachers care almost less than the students. The ELA teachers seemed to care the most yet we read only 4 books in 4 years. Extracurriculars are all ran very poorly with so much incompetence. Teachers as a whole don't challenge students, with teachers such as Ferzho, Carpenter, and Fiori choosing to not teach at all and rely only on videos and online assignments. Teachers won't even care about you at all if you don't brown nose or play on the football team.
Note they only care about football, which is nice since we won a lot and it was nice to be apart of, but the coaches weren't very good, and cared even less about track, basketball, baseball, and bowling.
It is a healthy school.
All students are pretty into their sport for the most part. Sports brought tons of kids together
Clintondale has a strong policy against bullying, you will never catch someone being bullied at that school. If someone tries to bulling a victim they will be sent to the principles office and suspended immediately.
The key club organization at Clintondale is a great organization students there help out around the school a lot. You can walk down the halls and see great decorations posted on the walls from the key club. They help organize a lot of events like the school dances, homecoming, pep rallies and they come up with a lot more events that students can join. The school spirit at Clintondale is great you can always hear someone yelling "Yeah Clintondale" at almost every school sporting game. It's great.
Teachers at Clintondale Highschool are really great my 12th grade English teacher was the best teacher I ever had. She really help me understand and focus on my English skills I love reading more books now because of her she's a great listener and is a very helpful women. I recommend her to be everyone's English teacher. Other teachers their are helpful at times but some of them just put grades in the grade books without caring.
Clintondale high school was an okay Highschool, but if I had the chance to do Highschool over I would attended a different school. I would choose I different school because Clintondale did not offer challenging classes. I like to be challenged and that school didn't have any challenging courses. There were good things about the school the sports teams were amazing a lot of our senior class received a lot of money in scholarships we had the most money recieved in 2016 throughout any other years. What makes the school unique is the people the teachers are very helpful, they answer all your questions and are always available before and after school.
Well I wouldn't go to this school because it's not really diverse and too much bullying and it's too small
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teaching style is awesome from teachers
favorite experience is football home coming
after school activities are wonderful because we have a awesome sports alternative school that wins first place and receives scholarships for high grades and based off performance
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