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Clinton Senior High School Reviews

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I am very fortunate to have gone to school at Clinton Senior High School. This school excels in every category, from academics to safety. Also, the teachers care about their students and are enthusiastic to work everyday. All of these aspects make Clinton Senior High School an enjoyable environment to learn and succeed.
Clinton has an excellent academic track record and has won national awards. The small size of the school means each student can participate in multiple extracurricular activities, and it is not uncommon to see students participating in a sport, the musical, and an academic extracurricular at the same time. Although there is not much diversity due to lack of diversity in the area as a whole, the environment is generally accepting and tolerant.
The faculty are all really nice, and will go out of their way to help students. Overall it's a decent school.
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Teachers are pretty good, small school, too many scheduling problems. Could improve on discipline and work ethics.
The school offers exception academic experiences that aren't offere3d at any other schools locally such as; SUPA biology (Syracuse University Project Advance), and various other dual credit and AP courses. The faculty and staff offer much of their own free tie to students who need help, and the entire community rallies around those in need. It is truly a wonderful place to attend high school.
There is always something happening after school, whether it is a sport, a musical/drama show, art club or an academic club. Most students are always engaged.
If I could do it all over, I would definitely go to this school again. It is a caring school. I met the best people/friends here. They teachers care and would do anything for their students.
Most of the teachers genuinely care about all their students. They go beyond what is expected from them. They are always willing to help in and out of class.
they have many honor programs
plenty of sports and other clubs including music and arts programs available
they are always there to help any student and go above and beyond
when something arises it is dealt with immediatly
my children all go or have gone to this school. The teachers all care about everyone of their students and each one is known individually by name.
I am an honor student and have had a good rapport with all of my teachers. They are very knowledgeable and are always willing to help. Most of them make themselves available to students outside of class time. If a student is sruggling with a subject and needs an extra lesson the teachers take the time to review the material and address the problem.
Its a small school, so everyone is really close and its easy to make friends. It makes school sports events inviting and exciting.
The teachers here are great and very friendly. Most of them care a lot about their students success and future. We've had a big technology push so many teachers use online materials in their classes and have online assignments and tests.
I feel very safe in school
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Not many organizations or clubs, there's really only a couple
There's a lot of support from everyone
They are all wonderful teachers!
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