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Clinton-Massie High School Reviews

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I first moved to Clinton-Massie in 7th grade. I was immediately welcomed and felt as if I belonged almost immediately. While there is drama just like any other school, Clinton Massie students truly are some of the kindest people I've ever met. I have never felt more at home at a school in my life. The staff tries so hard to make sure everyone has the best experience they possibly can and they do an excellent job achieving it.
I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Clinton-Massie. It is a small enough school to where everyone knows everyone, and this creates the strong community presence that you can feel in and out of the halls of this school.

There are also plenty of clubs and activities for you to immerse yourself in whether it be sports or music. My best memories are of Friday nights, cheering on our state championship football team as a member of the state-qualifying marching band.
I loved Clinton-Massie. It's an environment that provides you with a sense of family and belonging. The teachers are very helpful and supportive and they genuinely want to see their students succeed. There is a certain pride that comes along with being able to say that I once went to school there. "Once a Falcon, always a Falcon."
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I like the atmosphere and the fact that it is a small school, which leads to more one on one learning with teachers so you can better understand what you are doing. Overall this school was amazing to attend and there is so much about it that I can't even put into words that I guarantee your student will love.
Clinton- Massie High School was a great place to learn. The environment was very optimistic and encouraging. The teachers and faculty did not only teach the students the material they were required to, but they helped form the students into responsible and kind young men and women.
I think that this school is a good one because, it has been a privilege to have been here for the last 12 years I have been here for my whole life. I think that they can improve on the food and the diversity but everything else is pretty good.
Clinton Massie is a great school, it has caring and smart students who are pushing for higher level education. Clinton Massie has great teachers that care immensely and hope that their students succeed. Overall Massie is a great school district thank you to it’s great students and staff.
my experience at this school has been very good because I went through bullying at my old school but once I went to Clinton-massie everything changed I felt like was evolved and was a part of my school and also it has amazing teachers and staff .
I have been at Clinton-Massie my whole life. I believe it is one of the best public schools in our area. Most describe it as a private public school. It is well kept, students are like a family, you are very close to teachers. The curriculum is rigorous but I believe there should be more options for both gifted and underachieving students. The sports teams are great to be envolved in. They help teach time management and responsibility and all the coaches stay on the students about grades. The school is a very nice school and I highly recommend it.
I am a senior in high school at Clinton-Massie and I overall had a good experience as a student. Clinton-Massie is considered a small school. It holds around 500 students in the high school. I have felt protected there over the past four years. For the most part, I also felt like the teachers were there because they wanted to help students grow, not just because they needed a job. There have been very few times that I have been very disappointed in Clinton-Massie.
Clinton Massie students are great at being accepting of most students who may appear odd or different to most other people.
Clinton Massie High School offers a wide variety of class, from regular math and science and such to industrial tech and a couple of different bands and choirs.
Clinton Massie High School loves to keep its students safe
Very pleased with attention to health care when my child is sick.
Seems to be a variety of activities that students can get involved with.
Seems to be a good variety of courses, but difficult to figure out since some are blocked for a semester and some are all year.
Most seem truly interested in student learning and are willing to help if needed.
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Have heard that bullying is an issue.
Seems to be a lot of choices for students to get involved.
There is a variety of extracurriculars at CMHS. I have participated in Newspaper, the musical, and the Falconaires, as well as Key Club. For most of these there is a certain amount of time committal, but its not very much, and its usually only for one season.
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