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I like the setting of the smaller school because you are able to get to know everyone easier and the teachers are able to help when needed.
This school district is poorly managed. They offer limited AP classes. The community is very small and is set in its ways, not open to change. Severely lacking in diversity and the little they do have is not represented in anyway what's so ever. The school has had racists incidents and the students responsible were not held accountable.

Sports is highly valued compared to academics. High school students are not prepared for college because the school does not do a good job of doing that. It really comes down to the parents to make sure their child is ready for college. The school district is looking to build a new school. Their focus should be on improving academics and getting the students ready for the world not just to love in Clinton. A new building is not going to take care of what the students really need. Time for Clinton to be inclusive and adapt to the changing world.
Clinton High School has given me many opportunities to succeed and better myself every year throughout high school. I was given the opportunity to participate in five different sports and improve every year of my participation.
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Bullying is somewhat prevalent in this school, but when it is noticed the school takes all actions to get rid of it. Clinton has no security guards or liaisons whatsoever. Although most students are safe, good kids; a few have been caught with drugs or weapons in school.
The Future Farmers of America, or FFA, works hard to raise money for events. The FFA often does Culvers nights to raise funds and holds a Feeding America event where the whole school diistrict comes to view and learn about animals and farms. They also bring animals to local nursing homes and allow the residents there to view, pet and learn about animals.
Clinton High School is full of a variety of students who come from all sorts of backgrounds. Most students have an agricultural background within the community. I like that whenever you hang out with someone, it usually involves doing some farm work before finally getting to relax.
Instructors who teach Career and Technical Education classes are very involved with their students and support students' ideas. However, most general education teachers only broadly cover lessons and overburden students with homework. General education teachers are more worried about students passing state standards than they are actually teaching students valuable skills.
The doors are always locked and people have to sign in helping me feel completely safe within the school.
My school has many extracurriculars from the arts, including; choir, band, art, and languages, all the way to community service like in Key Club.
This school has a smaller number of attendants, allowing our school to have smaller classes and everyone knows everyone. This helps people to stay active in school activities. I also feel that this allows our school to do more things, including yearly trips. With these trips the language classes can go to there country of origin, the band gets the chance to play in Florida at the different parks, and the choir classes get to go to New York to see a number of Broadway shows. This is extremely cool and I have already gone to New York and next year I will be going to Spain and simple can't wait.
This School is constantly involved in the community and they are always trying to improve education, as well as the many extracurricular activity that they have outside of school.
The teachers at Clinton High School educate the students very well on the subjects they are pursuing in teaching in. They are all very knowledgeable about the curriculum and the subjects they are supposed to be teaching. The curriculum is also very well laid out for the teachers to be able to understand and to be able to teach in the most easiest way possible. The scheduling process is also very simple at Clinton High School. There are really only two steps a student has to take in order to put in the requested schedule they want for the next school year. The workload is also manageable if a student works hard and makes their homework one of their top priorities to focus on. Special study options include RISE, prep times where teachers can work with students, study halls students can use to get help with teachers, and there are also study sessions for certain subjects and ways to schedule meeting times for before and after school to get help from teachers. The most popular classes at Clinton High School that students partake in are Choir, Art and Agricultural classes.
I don't think I would want to go anywhere else.
Teachers show that they really care about students by giving time outside of class for students to get additional help.
Clinton High School had difficulty dealing with different kinds of bullying situations and is one thing the school needs to improve. Personal safety is something the school works very hard to ensure with the special security measures such as having security throughout the entire property as well as within the school. Clinton High School also has its doors locked during the entire school day to ensure the safety of all of its students and staff throughout the entire day. The school nurse is usually available and very knowledgeable in her career. If the injury is more serious than what she can handle, she will do anything to try and get the injury taken care of as fast as possible. The school is a very safe environment for all of its student and staff so that they don't have to worry about anything but what they should be focused on during the time they are attending the building.
The environment is pleasant and the way the entire student body doesn't get super involved with just the people in their friend groups at athletic events is a great feeling, one of the greatest experiences I get to enjoy each year. This school is unique because of how many different cultures we have and are freely able to express each and every day. The exchange program at the school is quite excellent and gives all students a chance to communicate with someone from a different country. I would most definitely choose this school again if I was going to attend high school again for it has great quality, the experiences that one will endure will stay with that person their entire life and their were many great opportunities to communicate with different people and to get involved in different activities and clubs.
The teachers have intelligent strategies when teaching us and they are all very knowledgeable in the subjects they teach. Most of the teachers are interested in students' ideas on the subjects they are teaching and try to expand on the ideas of their students. Communication to the class about in-class work and homework is clear on a regular basis and a large amount of the teaching staff is consistent in giving their students grades on their assignments in a reasonable amount of time.
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As much as I may have complained, I'm appreciative that I came from Clinton High School.
This school has given me a great experience. There are so many opportunities to take advantage of.
Clinton is nice because everybody knows everyone. With that said, big news is spread quick which is a negative. The teachers at Clinton I've had freshmen year were great besides one. They all seemed pretty involved and wanted to help us. The atmosphere at Clinton is safe and not many big events occur that would be harmful. Clinton sporting events are always great because we get a lot of parents and adults from around the community that support us. Our student section could be better in terms of the themes and chants to get the teams pumped up! The lunch at Clinton school district, I haven't taken in forever just because it's not food that even looks appetizing to me. They always have snacks at the snack bar which is a plus! In terms of classes available to take, we don't have many elective classes which is really to bad because then you can't be as ready for your career down the road in college. All in all Clinton school district is a great place to raise your children, but there will always be some negatives in the system.
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