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Clinton high school is a good school because everyone is friendly and everyone knows each other. One thing that I would change about Clinton High School is the fact that it’s not challenging as much as it could be.
Clinton High School is not a very bad school to attend but it does not prepare you for the real world or college after school. The important part I like about attending this school is basketball. I wouldn’t necessarily say the people here is bad because we do have good times but there is a lot of drama here.
Clinton High School is a high school based in Clinton,North Carolina. What I liked most about Clinton High School is that no matter who the student was,no matter their race, ethnicity, or background they wanted us to succeed in our education. All of the teachers, staff, and administration pushed every student to strive to do their best in school because it would help us in the long run. All of the Clinton staff had a smile on their face every morning when I would walk into school. This gave me and my peers a positive outlook on us having to wake up very early and go to school. What I would like to change about Clinton High School is the way we approach bullying. Bullying is a real thing in every school no matter what. We have had many approaches to end bullying including having a Be Nice Club, which I was apart of. Though I feel like this club had a huge impact at my school, I feel as though Bullying is still a problem. Clinton High School is an amazing school to go to. Go Horses!
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I like that at Clinton High School, you receive the opportunity to go above and beyond. I am thankful that the school is able to partner with Sampson Community College so that students get the chance to earn college credits while still in high school. The teachers and administration are very easy to get along with and help to ensure you have all the tools needed to have the brightest future possible. Clinton High School is also lucky to have the band program that they do. There are many clubs and extracurricular activities that one can sign up for and there are several opportunities to get involved with the community.
Clinton High School is a place where students can grow and expand. There are many organizations there that are set up to lead young people into becoming successful scholars. From marching band to Peer Group Connection, this high school is an environment established to mold young minds into college-ready leaders.
Sports are great at Clinton High School. As far as academics go, I was an A/B student. But, I had not learned everything I needed to learn to succeed well on the standardized tests, therefore limiting my college acceptances. I also was not prepared for college work. CHS spends most of their resources on AP courses and those students.
My experience at Clinton high school has been great for the past year. I am beginning my sophomore year and this year I hope to be more active and involved. The only issue I have experience as a student at Clinton high school is the opportunities provided to different students. Certain students of certain races and backgrounds are given more information about camps and scholarships. That needs to be addressed but other than that my experience as a CHS student is amazing.
At Clinton High School, I enjoy the safety. If a threat comes in, no matter how big or small, the school goes the extra mile to ensure that everyone is safe.
While attending Clinton Highschool I was able to have a very enjoyable experience both in the aspect of learning and sports. Clinton is a school full of diversity and a great school to graduate from.
I like the diversity of the Clinton High School, the teachers, and staff. Everyone gets along with each other and everyone supports each other. I cant think of anything that I would change or like see done at the school. I think it is run well and staff is easily approachable.
Clinton High School is the best high school in Sampson County. The teachers are very interested in the success of their students and truly want the best for them. Rigorous courses are allowed to honors students through NCVPS and also Sampson Community College courses. I also go to the NC School of Science and Math Online so I am thankful that my high school allows me to be involved of both of these programs.
I like the small classroom size. Teachers are willing to help you after school, if needed. Football fridays are the BEST!
CHS has many opportunities that allows each student to find their passion or desire and continue it. I like how we have so many different clubs that fits in with our likes and interests that benefit us in the future and prepare us for college. Our classrooms are small enough to know everyone by name and make personal connections with classmates, teachers, and staff which makes learning easier. Our school spirit is one of my most favorite things about CHS, we have so much pride and love for each of our teams...Dark Horse Nation is strong in education and on the football field!
The dress code is so horrible. They dress code you without measuring how much your clothes are based on the 3 inch rule. They dress coded me because they thought my clothes were “inappropriate” even though it was according to the dress code.
Clinton High School is a good school for your child to attend but the food could get a little better and also the way the math teachers teach can get a little confusing.
Clinton High was a great school that was very accepting of every student and their differences. I loved how the teachers were always willing to help students and take time out of their day to make sure they were doing alright in their lives and in class. The familial feeling CHS fostered is one I still carry today. Whenever I see friends from high school we always share a memory and I believe that I wouldn't have had the same experience anywhere else.
Clinton High School overall is a well-rounded school filled with many extracurricular activities and events to attract the students. The main focus of the school is to help students have a productive and excellent high school experience while preparing the student for the next level in life. If every teacher could somehow develop the same mindset towards helping the students succeed, this high school experience wouldn't be so challenging and stressful. I very much understand that opportunities aren't always handed to you, it is up to you to go and find them. That is how I make it through high school, by going and looking for opportunities to help me better my education. Even though Clinton High School has it's flaws, I can truly say if it wasn't for this school, I wouldn't be at the level I am at today.
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Clinton High School is a place that I have spent the last 4 years of my life learning and growing as a person. Everyone there encouraged me to achieve everything I can in life, and that's what I intend to do. So many people would say, "I hate school" or "I don't want to be here", but at this school kids say otherwise. The learning environment is very motivating. I love how the teachers push me to do my best. Besides everything that I just said, the only thing I would change would be more class options so that children could discover new things/possibilities that they might have never thought about doing or taking on.
Throughout my High School years I have experienced many different personalities within the teachers who have taught me. Some of them stay on you about working hard, keeping your GPA up, and making sure that there is no procrastination on the school work. Then I have seen some teachers who feel that we as students are now young adults, and they repeatededly remind us that they will not babysit us, any work that is turned in late will be a zero. One thing the teachers do have in common are the techniques they use to help the students learn, most of them read off of powerpoints, or assign pages and review questions to do. This makes the students feel they have to learn on their own. I feel the teachers should learn a better technique on how they can teach the students.
There's not really much bullying going around school but when there is the administrators take this very serious and they take big measure in fixed the problem.
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