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I like that clinton high school has a variety of sports. You pick and choose your own classes most of the time. There are a few teachers that are nice. The school focuses on academics more than anything. They should change the lunch menu so it appeals to the students!
Waking up knowing that I am going to the top high school in my state is very comforting. I love that we have the opportunity to advance in credits by having the option of taking courses in the summer. We also have dual enrollment classes partnered with Hinds Community College and Mississippi College. Student life is very abundant. The diversity and richness in culture is amazing. Although we are affluent in those areas, the school still feels somewhat segregated during lunch, voting, and any social activity. This is something that I wish I could change.
I have gone to Clinton Schools my entire life. While many things are great in Clinton School District, there is still a need for improvement. The food is not the best and the facilities and not maintained well. The performing arts and sports hold more importance is seems than the academics. The teachers and administrators although work hard under the circumstances to uphold standards of the district. "Excellence is the Only Option"
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One thing I've loved about Clinton high school, is the fact that your more of a family rather than faculty and staff, I love my school and I know future high schoolers will to.
Clinton High School has proven itself to be a unique experience. It has given me the opportunity to join activities that I never would have joined anywhere else. It has amazing teachers who truly care about their students’ successes. And most importantly, Clinton High School has instilled that “excellence is the only option”, which has made me a better person as well as a student.
I love Clinton High School. My time here has been great! The entire faculty and staff is willing to help with whatever it is you may need!
Clinton High really is an A school. The faculty is top notch and they do offer a wide variety of extracurriculars. However, one con is that everyone is VERY, and I emphasize VERY, cliqueish. On the outside everyone is really nice because they suppose to act like that and keep up their good kid image but deep down, they will find subtle ways to exclude you if you don’t fit their clique’s image (which most of the time is caucasian and preppy). Overall, it’s not a bad school to attend if you want to focus on your academics but just keep in mind if you don’t fit a certain image, you’ll be excluded.
Clinton High School offers excellent balance of academics, arts, sports, and overall environment. School spirit is also very high, and with some of the best teachers I ever met, an excellent learning facility. The teachers prepare the students extremely well for college and are very supportive of their students.
CHS was a great experience, the education is wonderful. Really prepared me for college. The sports program is one of the best in Mississippi. I really enjoyed my time there,
As a student at Clinton High School, I feel that I am put in an environment in which I can easily learn how to work with others. Students of many cultures, religions, and ethnic backgrounds attend Clinton, preparing its students for jobs after high school--jobs in which they will work with a diverse group of people who each think differently than those around them. Teachers prepare students for college as well by treating their students like adults, especially in advanced placement classes. Clinton also offers fabulous Music and Arts programs that help teach students time management. Clinton High School does an excellent job at preparing students for their futures.
At Clinton high school, the teachers are very nice and are willing to work with you one on one if you are struggling. The consulars are amazing when it comes to personal things. The sports and arts are outstanding.
Clinton High School is really a great school. I love some of the principals and teachers. The only thing I would want to change would be the way girls are treated with dress codes.
It is great college preparatory high school but also most of the students are extremely friendly and try to include in everything and try to get you in extracurricular activities and clubs.
I absolutely love all of the years that I have spent at Clinton High School here in Mississippi. It has meant so much to me to be surrounded with such caring staff and teachers, and I am extremely proud to be graduating this May from a school with phenomenal academics.
It was a really good school to go to. It prepared me very well for college and all the things I have to do in adult life. 10/10 would go again.
Clinton high school encourages their students to do all their work and to stay focused on their education
Clinton has a very diverse student demographic. The teachers and administration prepare us, not only for college, but for the real world.
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I love the atmosphere at Clinton High School. Almost all the teachers are eager to teach and help you prepare for college.
Great school and great environment! The school is given so much support from the surrounding communities and businesses!
I feel that Clinton High School has overly prepared me for college and with its advanced courses about the medical field I feel that I am prepared to start my career as a pediatrician
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