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Clinton High School is very good in academics, sports, and clubs. We have many AP classes, and other college readiness classes. We are very good at sports and have many sports options. We also have many different clubs. I am in several of them from; National Honors Society, Friends of Rachel (anti-bullying club), Earth Club, SADD club (Students Against domestic violence, Fellow Christian Athletes, and an Advanced Leadership class. I feel that Clinton High School has gotten me ready for college from the teachers help, college like classes, and my senior class as a whole.
As we know not everyone can attend a high school that impacts their life in a positive way. Thankfully that was not the case for me, Clinton High School has left an everlasting positive impact on my life. It's expected for every student to leave a more educated student but not every student always leaves a better person and I can confidently say that Clinton High School has made me a better person. The connections I have made with my teachers are unbelievable, every teacher goes out of their way to try and make a connection with each student. Clinton High School is a unique place to be and I was lucky enough to be apart of it. Thank you Clinton High School for the Uncountable Memories.
It's a very good school. They have a wide variety of programs and AP classes that will help with college credits. Discounts are also available for various reasons and events. Clinton also has enough students and teachers where students have the chance to ask questions and spend extra time with the teachers to better understand the teachers.
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The teachers really care about whether or not you are learning, and they are willing to challenge you in order to see you reach your full potential. Having had a year in college, I feel I was very prepared for life after high school, and I hope to bring my own kids back there one day.
Clinton High School? I think it's more like Clinton Wrestling Academy. They care so much about sports that it's honestly ludicrous. The school books they give you are old, torn apart, and horrendous to use. They tend to let people get away with stuff that it makes you laugh. It's such a wanna be hick town, its hilarious. The sports are semi-decent, even though im sure most of our funding goes into two sports. Wrestling and football. Not baseball or other sports though. They have to get that funding themselves. Funny, right? That's probably why we have horrible school books. Also, the school board, don't even get me started. It's so biased, that it seems like they only care about one tire instead of the four on their car. What I'm trying to say is, they only seem to care about some students instead of all of them.

I enjoyed as well as hated going to this school. They need some serious work.
Clinton high school is amazing. Clinton allows the students to have independence and have the choice of what classes they want to take so they can figure out what they want to do with their future. On thing that I would like to see change about Clinton would be their focus on liberal arts increase.
There was not enough extra classes offered, and they cancelled home ec, and shop class. The teachers were fantastic and always willing to go the extra mile for their students, academics were okay, again highly qualified teachers! However, the building was falling apart and all that was said was "theres no extra money to fix it."
I enjoy it here, the students are friendly, as are most of the teachers. They do a good job of encouraging a slacker like me to work hard and pass with the best grade I can hope for.
Clinton is a great school in a small community and it thrives on student and parent involvement. Although they do not have quite as many resources as some schools, being Class C in size, they make up for it in personal attention to the small study body and dedication from their staff--most of whom have worked their for decades.
Excellent teachers provide instruction that more than prepares students to move on to college and excel. The tight-knit community makes you feel involved even after graduation.
As a third generation graduate, this school has been a part of our family for a long time. I enjoyed this school. I love the fact that it is small but a highly rated academic school in the district. My kids will more than likely attend this school!
There are very few clubs available for students to join and most of the time they do not receive funding from the school so the students have to come up with the money themselves.
I liked attending Clinton Community Schools for my entire education due to it being a small school. On the other hand as you worked your way up into High School there were very little class choices to choose from because of the school being so little; this is why I decided to dual enroll full time at Siena Heights University my senior year(upcoming year). Dual enrollment has allowed me to be able to move on in my education while getting a different variety of classes.
While some teachers give it their all and are available outside of class for additional help others are running out of the school at 3:00 so they do not have to answer any questions. Some even come in for the first morning class as the bell is ringing. I would say the overall quality is neither bad nor good, because of the variety of teachers we have; some make it known that they are there for each and every one of us while others keep looking at the clock wanting it to be the next hour so the day is closer to being done.

Most of their teaching styles vary some us books and paper while others use power points and chrome books. I myself as a learner like the book and paper because it's more hands on and I learn better from it, but I also like the Chrome books due to them providing a diverse way of learning for me.

I rate my teachers overall a 3(okay). I am extremely grateful for the ones that were there for us students and went the extra miles and wished that the others could have been that way too.
if you are smart and like sports your good, if not find something else to do.
Most parents were okay but there are always those ones who are kinda crazy
most teachers were great but a few were not good at all.
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Are sports make it to states in multiple sports almost every year
The parents could care less if their kids fail for the most part.
The teachers will help you if you have questions, but they never review any of the material you go over so it's easily forgotten.
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