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Clinton High School is a decent school. Its main draw is its location being in an area without many other options. Overall it's about average in most of what it does.
I was discriminated against for my bisexuality, there were very few classes in which I felt we actually learned anything, the work was not challenging, there wasn't any useful help in preparing for life after school wether it was college or entering the workforce, and none of the faculty actually cared about the students.
My experience at Clinton High School, has overall been extremely pleasant, especially with our new principal. Everyone is so willing to help and are very caring towards each other.
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One of the things that I really enjoyed at Clinton High School was how well the teachers were willing to be helpful and still remain cool. The teachers here were more like old friends. What I mean by that is the teachers were willing to make you do your best and help you find your way without being completely controlling. They would let the students sift their way through the sand of life trying to find out what we wished to do. I am extremely glad that I attended this school rather than any other school.
My Clinton high school experience has had many ups and downs but overall enjoyable . My school is small, but I have a sense of community and closeness. They didn’t offer much, but what they did offer it was always very important to those that taught it and to the one that attended the classes.
I have been attending Clinton High School my whole life, and I could not have wished to go to any other school than where I went to High School. I got so much help and support from my teachers.
I Am an active member of EAST(Education Accelerated by Service and Technology), Robotics, and Library Club. In Robotics I am a builder and I appreciate and enjoy having the opportunity to be in Robotics, and to being able to attend Clinton High School.
In the past couple of years the school has up there game in many ways. The school has great school sprit and is involved in the students life. I genuinely feel like the teachers here care for us and want to make a difference in our life.
Clinton High School offers numerous opportunities to excel through their sublime academic courses and outstanding extracurricular activities made available. It is a small school, meaning each class is lead by a teacher truly invested in their students and their success.
Out of all the schools I've been to from having to move, Cliton High school is my top recomendation. The teachers are great at explaining the material they teach, and they strive to do everything they can to help you succeed. Class is both fun and education, and everyone here is welcoming and supportive. They only issue I could see for some people, is that there is not that much diversity in the school.
My experience at Clinton High school has been pretty amazing. The teachers there are real helpful when it comes to homework and what you are going to do after high school. Even thought the students have their own little groups, you can still go up to someone that is not really your friend and just have a conversation with them. Everyone there is really nice and there is not very much bullying there. You do not hear very many people talking about it.
The best thing about Clinton High School is the tight knit community. It is a school where everybody knows everybody and the administration and teachers really do care about the students. The only thing that would makes it better is if it were more diversified.
I honestly hate it here terrible, food nothing to do small minded people that think through the bible rather than scientific fact.
I met all of my friends here, so I can't say it's been terrible. For the most part, all of the staff is very friendly and encouraging always willing to help you try and succeed. It's in the south, so there's not too much diversity although lately it's definitely improved. For a smaller school, it has a decent amount of activities, clubs, and sports to choose from. These past two years the school has changed administration leaving things all over the place as the transition hasn't been a very good one. Our school has actually been on the news for the bad food quality which the administration also handled poorly.
Overall, I've enjoyed attending Clinton and hope to see it grow and learn from its mistakes. It'd be nice to see an improvement in their food standards as well as their community involvement and interaction with parents.
I feel that I do have a great education that has prepared me for college. I wish that the school lunches were better and more food on the trays. We football players were starving before practice.
Bullying is a big thing at our school yet it is a silent attacker. Not many people consider certain things to be bullying but it takes place and is in fact bullying. Safety isn't the greatest in a few aspects but overall it is okay. It would be better if we had two school nurses instead of one but the one's care measures are pretty good.
There are a variety of extracurricular activities, however, staff and most teachers are moved towards athletics and other activities instead of more academic clubs and extracurricular activities.
Food has gotten much better, there are several opportunities for AP classes or college classes online, and teachers try their best to help the students.
There are many extracurricular opportunities at this school. Our clubs, organizations, and activities range from football and volleyball, to choir, band, and drama. The students get really involved in the sports, especially football. However, they aren't as involved with activities related to the arts. The community is the main supporter of those.
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It's really good. I've made a lot of new friends since I came here in 6th grade. Most of the kids here are really warm, inviting, and all around nice. We are like a really big family here and we are always looking out for each other. This school is like a huge stew pot. There are so many cultures and ethnicity, but that doesn't affect us. We all look out for each other. I would choose this school again if I could do it all over because this school and the people in it have made me who I am today. If I didn't do it all over again I wouldn't be the same person.
The teachers are really nice. On any given day you can find them in the hallways in between classes. They are approachable and all of them want to see you succeed. They go above and beyond what they are supposed to do to make sure the student succeeds. They are here before and after school for tutoring in math and English. Most of them give out projects that are something we like to do and we have fun doing it while also learning the material they need us to.
The program I've been on has had its red tape, but it is okay.
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