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Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley Middle/High School Reviews

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CGB is a great small town school. Lots of great students and staff everyone knows everyone is always looking out for each other. Small class sizes. Lots of Wolverine pride and great support from the community as well.
I like this school because I have been there my whole life and have many friends and good experiences to go with it. Some of my favorite things are athletics and successes in state tournaments with those. I would choose to go to this school again if I had the option.
In our small school I never feel unsafe. We have our school doors locked during the day and I have never had many major problems. The only fighting that has occurred in my time is 7th graders fighting for no reason in the bathroom.
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We are offered a main meal with a salad bar every day. Often times the main meal isn't the best with the new regulations but you can always get something decent with our salad bar that offers a variety of fruits and vegetables.
We have some rules that are irrelevant to students. Bullying is over accused and some kids get claimed to be bullied for attention and others get blamed. For girls short shorts are not allowed where you shouldn't ban them when there aren't many options for girls shorts that are lower than the knee. In our school we also get detention for tardiness and late assignments where they shouldn't give detentions for that when its the students responsibility.
In our school I would say our overall quality of teachers are pretty good with just a few that I would consider to be exceptions. Some of our teachers are very knowledgeable and make learning fun and others get through hard material in a effective way for all of us students to learn. But some of the teachers don't do this only doing the bare minimum. Most of the teachers are interested in the students and give good advice for there questions and the usually communicate well always being available before or after school. The only problem I've had with is that when grading some of the teachers are inconsistent when grading projects and reports and grade them mainly based on their opinions compared to the work done. Otherwise a large majority of our teachers are pretty good at what they do other than a couple of them that don't do there job or do it poorly.
The opportunities are pretty good for everyone especially for a small school. For the most part a majority of students are involved and take part in many sports. The team performance varies a lot for some sports do very well consistently because of good coaching. Whereas other sports often struggle with poor coaching. In our small community fan support is very good and I can honestly say usually out number opponent. Our gym is your average high school gym, with a nice football field although we play in the afternoon because we do not have lights, and our softball/baseball -fields are nice compared to others. We have a good fitness program that is free for all students grades 7-12 that require use of our fully furnished weight room.
At Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley high school there are many extracurricular activities available for the size of our school. These include a wide variety of athletics like football, basketball, track & field and many others. We also have a wide variety of organizations like FCCLA, NHS, Student Council, Industrial Arts club and 4-H. We also have band/choir program. The commitment levels vary greatly. NHS is a more prestigious club where you meet certain requirements, fill out an application, and complete tasks to better the community. FCCLA, Student Council, Industrial Arts club, and 4-H is open to everyone, but success depends on students dedication. For all these activities there are advisors, leaders, and coaches all involved to help students with these extracurricular activities. The most popular or fun options in our school are athletics and Student Council. Personally I have enjoyed the three sports I participate like football, basketball, and Track & Field. A very popular club is Student Council. A large amount of people take part in student council because they hold dances, a fun end of the year party and organizes homecoming all with the attendance of monthly meetings (during school) and at least two volunteer services in a year. Our school has many clubs, organizations, and after school activities to offer.
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