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It's a very organzied school that has a mixed group of culture. It is just now building a gym so that not only basketball games will be held there ,but many other special events. So it's been a great experience so far with friends and the school family. I been attending this school for 6 amazing years and it has grown each year and still so to this day. One of the things that is obvious on sports teams is team chemistry and that they support you 1,000%. So Clinton Christian Academy is the way to go indeed.
There is a small community feeling, but I wish there were more options for classes when I was a sophomore and junior. I have gained great friends and learned a lot from the community experiences I received.
Amazing family atmosphere! Students develop true meaningful relationships with their teachers and other students. I feel like it is a school where the faculty truly seeks God’s will and wants to serve Him and exemplifies this to the students. Truly a unique school!
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My family is one of the two founding families of Clinton Christian Academy. While at CCA I learned various things that I have taken with me and will continue to everywhere i go. I helped start the Drama club, and we the President of it. I received a lot of awards and many Who's Who. I developed many friends and became very popular, but, popularity does not mean you don't get bullied. I was made fun of for years due to the fact that everyone thought I was gay and they did not like it one bit. Through all of the bad times i would not trade my experience at CCA for anything.
I started CCA in 9th grade. Of course, it was hard in the beginning but the welcoming staff and student body made the transition a lot easier. I am now a senior and my class and I are extremely close. I'm happy to have attended this school
We love Clinton Christian Academy. We get one on one attention for our kids. Teachers who care and have the time to work with our children. Our kids can be involved and their confidence level is boosted up through the Christian atmosphere, through their teachers who give encouragement, and through a sport or activity that with help can excel in. We love CCA.
My husband and I enrolled our daughter for K5 the first year CCA opened. It has been the best decision we have made. She has been able to participate in sports and activities at all ages, the smaller class sizes lead to more hands on learning, and most importantly, the emphasis of a Christian lifestyle is taught and shown on a daily basis. We have loved being a part of the Warriors from day can't put a price tag on your child's learning, safety, and all around positive atmosphere. If you're looking for a school that produces not only well educated kids but also well rounded kids...CCA is for you!!
We are so happy at CCA! It is not a huge school, this allows my children have the opportunity to be involved in more sports like basketball, archery, cheer, football, track, and more! The teachers are great! Both teachers and administration help build my kids academically, spiritually, and emotionally! We've been happy here, at Clinton Christian Academy for five years and will continue attending CCA.
Love that I feel safe and secure about where my kids spend the majority of their day. I recommend it to everyone. Truly a unique school!
Clinton Christian Academy is a wonderful school. It was the perfect fit for my daughter. They are academically strong as well as offering sports, music and art opportunities.
It is a family like atmosphere and they truly try to nurture the whole child. We are very thankful that our children attend. CCA.
Clinton Christian Academy is a wonderful school. My child is in elementary school, and his education has been a wonderful experience with outstanding teachers. He has loved school from day one and after six years, he still loves it! The teachers make learning fun, and the small environment is like a family. CCA has been a great place to get a quality Christian education in a small environment.
I wish we had a little more extracurricular options but overall for a small private Christian school, we have a good variety to choose from.
If its bully or bad conduct on social media, it gets brought attention and taken care of.
I love all our extracurricular classes!!
School is school. No matter where you go there are always things of highschool and that can't be helped. But, CCA has been fun for the years I've been there! I've made lasting friendships and memories that will never fade away!
The teachers at CCA do genuinely care about the students and their success, whether in the classroom or in extracurricular activities! They push us to do our best and to make good decisions. They're there for us when we need them and help us as much as possible!!
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We take precautions to keep the students safe.
We have many wonderful opportunities for students to express their talents.
Many teachers are very dedicated to helping the students whenever they need it.
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