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Clinton Central Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the classes that were offered but would have been delighted to see more classes offered and more opportunities to get involved with and around the school. there is a major focus on sports at this school, It would have been nice to see some focus on academics and the performing arts of this school
This school is really small and doesn't have a lot to offer people who really want to pursue challenging classes. There aren't many options. They focus more on sports than academics. Over the last few years a lot of students went elsewhere. I feel if they hard more dual credit and AP classes it would really benefit students who are serious about their future.
Bullying happened and not much was done and almost no diversity! Not to mention favorites. I hated it there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Clinton Central has impacted my life in positive ways. One on one time in classrooms is abundant allowing curriculum to be taught in multiple ways. Growing up a three sport student-athlete makes it difficult for coaches to share the athletes with other sports, but Clinton Central has made it much easier with the demonstration of teamwork and many life skills throughout the coaching. Administrators show support at sporting events, contests, banquets, and other events, developing trust and commitment between the students and teachers. I would suggest more community involvement and volunteer work by the school as a whole.
my experience with clinton central is very broad. i’ve been a student here since 2nd grade and i really like how the school is small enough you can get all the hands on training and learning you need.
It is a good School that offers a wide array of classes. Classes ranging from AP Chemistry to Intro to Business to Dual Credit Horticulture. Overall Clinton Central is a good School.
I have a good experience at Clinton Central. All of my classes have had moments that are challenging, which will help me be prepared for college. Also I feel safe while I am at school and I think that those are good qualities for a school to have.
It's a great school. They need to enforce the rules a little bit more, the only apply to some of the students. We do have great teachers, but like some schools there is that one teacher who doesn't know what they are doing. The food is okay, we do have stuff that doesn't even look like food and you stare at it like "what is thing" or "is this even editable." Are staff like principle and assistant principal are great probably one of the best we have ever had. Our safety is great, they care about us. We do t have a lot of bullies because we stand up for each other.
I enjoyed the small community feel of my former school. I graduated with a class of about 80 students, and we were all really close. I went to school there K-12, and our teachers were amazing up until the last year of my high school career. Our principal ended up retiring and then a lot of new people came in. Older teachers then started leaving because they did not like working under those who took over in the office. A lot changed, and I felt like you could not trust anyone anymore. Everything was a big secret for some reason, and I hated that. We were all a big family, everyone knew everything about each other. With that being said, no one was judging anyone until the new staff came in. Now I would not take my kid's there. It isn't the same, and there is not much opportunity.
There are a lot of devoted and capable teachers that work at the school.
There are a couple of options at this school when it comes to extra-curriculars. More if you like sports (not soccer or lacrosse or anything like that- they have football and cheer.)
I am a current student at Clinton Central. This is a small town school heavily influenced by one way of thinking. It has been difficult to try to explore other ways of doing things, but all small community schools will have this problem. The students and staff are generally very nice and accepting. The teachers for the most part care about the students and their success, they give everything they have for the students because they care. Constant administration changes has had a nasty habit of treating the school, staff, and students poorly. If you want to study agriculture, the FFA and ag classes are very advanced, other programs are not. The agriculture program makes the school unique.
There is not enough clubs for different various of people to get in and most of the time the clubs they do have there is one leader and no one else is allowed to put their input in. People think they rule the group and as for after-school, I do not believe there are much of any except sports. The level of commitment for clubs doesn't take much, you do not get punished for not doing anything for the group, mostly because no one will listen to you about what should be changed or added.
I'd chose this school again just because you can be apart of anything you want, they do not discriminate against you for the sports that you do. Even if you are horrible at a sport that you want to do you can still do it without being judged for not being as good as the other children. Everyone helps out anyone they can to get better and tries to do what they can to include everyone in with them.
Teacher should be more involved in helping the kids that do not understand as easily as other kids. Teachers should be able to adapt to the needs of everyone, not just their favorites.
Besides the lacking of diversity of extracurricular activities, they in general are very good. Personally, I took part in academic teams and a few sports. For the sports, we generally has good equipment, great turn outs, and a definite competition. For academic teams, practices were almost like extra classes that aided in extra knowledge. We studied very hard and had access to teachers and other resources to help increase our learning capacity.
My overall experience at this school was satisfactory. However, I would chose not to attend this school again if I was asked because of the school in general. I didn't experience very many opportunities to discover certain interests of mine and I also didn't experience very much in the typical school aspect because my school had little to no diversity, religion was moot, and everyone was very one sided. I have talked to kids in larger schools who have access to larger groups, more experiences, better opportunities, etc. Teachers as well are another reason I wouldn't because only a small percentage actually cared about their job and the students that they impact. Others only showed up just to teach the "lesson" and move on. I only found a small amount of teachers who actually had a passion for teaching students and helping them for success.
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Overall, most teachers are just there to start and end class in order to get through another day. Only about 15-25 percent actually go above and beyond in order to ensure their students actually comprehend what they are learning. Many do just what they have to do but that other small percentage actually care about the success of the class and want them to be able to pass a class with their own understandings.
The health and safety policies are strict but flexible to help accommodate with the families needs if needed.
It has lots of opportunities and many options to choose from.
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