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Clinton Central Elementary School Reviews

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The National Honor Society was led very well and was a very good organization. I feel like the sporting events shouldve been pushed more to the community because turnouts were usually rather poor.
There is no school nurse, the assistant atheletic director runs the nurses office. Bullying was quite a big issue when i was there and not enough was done about it in my opinion. I did not feel in danger by going there but i know that if i wouldnt have felt like it wouldnt have been a big deal to the administration.
I would not choose this school again if given the chance to. They do not give students enough credit, nor do they prepare students for life after highschool. This applies to most teachers not all.
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Some of the teachers at this school are fantastic, but that just the problem. Either the teacher is fantastic which there are only like four or five, or theyre terrible. There is no in between. There are too many young teachers who can not control a group of high school students the way they should. There are also many teachers who may have knowledge about what they are trying to teach but they cannot express it to students so they learn. After attending this school, I was not prepared for college except for in a few areas. This is not a place I would send my kids if i have any in the future.
Nothing is offered for special needs children. Swim team did offer to work with my special needs child, but the cost was to expensive for a family with multiple children. We were told the football team would try to work with him, and we were told we would be informed when practices would start but found out conditioning started after school let out and we were not told about it. So my son will not be allowed to play.
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