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One thing that I would like to see change about Clint High School is their attitude change towards attendance to being very unforgiving in recent years especially in regards to parent notes and flexibility as a lot of students and their families cannot afford to go to the doctor whenever their child is sick and get a doctor's note.
I have loved my experience here at Clint High school, since i could remember i have always looked up to my family members graduating from this school and felt that i had to do the same. The staff here are incredible always finding new ways to help each and every student. They make us believe in ourselves and make us dream big, they're the reason we have big dreams and have prepared us to accomplish them and so much more in life. I thank Clint High School, Staff and students for making this school the greatest school and the best experience.
Clint high school has always been a top school in all of El Paso with nice teacher and admin. Clint is a small school usually with less that 1,000 student. The school is perfect for the small community of clint where we all share the same lion pride.
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Being in a small town, you would think the education would be lacking from the city schools, but it is not. The facility is nice, new and spacious with the amount of students that it holds. Student population is kind and good students. Teachers work hard with the students to leachers their concept, but sometimes they don't spend enough time. Administration is kind and strict on policies to keep the school running successful.
The environment at Clint High School is friendly and provides education for future STEM careers. Teachers and staff are kind. Students feel safe and ready to learn.
Clint high school is a small town high school with strong school pride. Having only about one hundred and fifty students per class, student life is never bad being that everyone knows everyone. Inside the classroom the numbers are small being able to engage more personally with the teacher. Something I really like about Clint High School is the friendly environment the teachers create making the student comfortable to ask any question. One down fall about Clint High School is being so small, we dont always have the same attention with colleges as the other bigger schools around us do.
By joining the Genesis program and many other organizations, my talents and skills have grown exponentially. The school takes it's time to listen to their students and their concerns in order to better the environment for them.
I enjoyed the school that I went to. Everything was clean and tidy. This school offered a very enjoyable 4 years of education and growth.
Clint High School allows us to step out of our own comfort zone and set our goals and standards high. They allow college readiness classes and gives us the opportunity to take dual credit classes; this is preparing us students for college and giving us the chance to get college credits. The teachers are supportive and push us to reach our goals, even for the students that slack! I’ve seen many students change from being procrastinators to actually turning work in on time! Students are very supportive of one another.
it has one of the most successful passing rate and also one of the great attendance rate in all of the Clint district
Clint High School may be small but the environment here is very friendly. The teachers are always willing to help and the students want to learn.
I really enjoy how close the teachers are to the students and how close the students are with each other. The teachers genuinely care and know each student; something that would not happen in a big school. I would like to see the science department flourish. It is missing science teachers, and those who are there, except one, are not good at teaching. I have had all of them as teachers before, and I believe I only learned from one.
What I like about Clint high school is that they have the stem program which is Genesis. Genesis is a program that open many doors for young people that are willing to progress.
The academics is quite challenging, but it's the teachers job to push us in order to prepare us for the world after high school.
No one really talks about second-conversations like sexual orientation, diversity, and peer pressure. Our school doesn't focus on that, yet nothing regarding these concepts happen. People sort of leave it to the side until something happens with it. Still, no problems arise from this.
Everyone here is family. The seniors know the freshman and the sophomores are buddies with the juniors. Everyone is friends with the administration. Finally, the clubs are the best way to make new friends outside of your small circle.
This school comes from a small town. We are tight-knit and that is something a big school can never have.
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The teachers there are all really nice and understanding. They help students through what they need all while pushing them to the best of their abilities, and even further sometimes. Also, the students there are well behaved. No one creates a big scene, and we all kind of just stay our own way to avoid trouble. Finally, a majority of the students I have met there are the best, academically. They aren't cocky about their abilities and help others any way they can.
They always have an answer for any question you would have. They also put more than what they have to.
I had a decent time while there but it could have been better
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