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Climax Springs High School Reviews

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The strengths of this school is the community involvement as well as a strong and respectable administration. The weakness, as with most small schools, is diversity.
Most of the people in this school are nice and the teachers try to have one on one help with their students.
Coming from a military family that has enrolled children in over 20 schools across this country, I wouldn't hesitate in commending their efforts. Perhaps it's best edified by a recent attendee, my youngest, " Our teachers focused on teaching a subject, not state test performance, homework is rare because they verify your knowledge during class. Teachers worked with students, it was a DISCUSSION not a CURRICULUM." They seem to have mastered the quest of accomplishing more with less and eliminating the 'poor me' so often resonating from our public school system(s).
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They helped as best they could.
We need to have different clubs and more money for them.
The teachers are really friendly and easy to work with.
There are a few things that we do to take precautionary measures.
The Lunch ladies are really nice.
I would choose this school if I had to do it all over again because of the great friends and memories I have had.
They are really good at cracking down on the dress code.
School spirit could use a boost. Not just for basketball.
The school has some bad spots but we are fixing them.
Popular classes at my school are P.E. and art.
I had several memories with friends at this school. Friends are always a big encouragement to attend school everyday. I succeeded after leaving this high school because personal motivation and preparation that this high school gave me. I know that the person I am today has a lot to do with the years I spent at this school.
No options for food. What they serve daily is edible and somewhat flavorful.
Everybody is accepted to play sports. There is no such thing as try-outs, you're guaranteed to be part of the team. Just have to keep your grades up to be eligible to play!
With the proper motivation, this high school prepares you for the real world and college. College is a different experience, but students must be willing to accept and emerge into a new life style.
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Students are not allowed to wear hats of any sort, that includes beanies. I was very upset to hear this.
This school is very loving and cares about each and every student!!! Attending this school make me feel at home with everyone and allows me to be my own person. I would choose this school over any other to attend.
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