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The school was a very conservative school overall not allowing much room for diversity or sexuality. Many of the top students were only top students due to cheating their way there for years upon years. If you have a mental illness, good luck here because it seems they do not really seem to care. They will force you to go to pep rally's despite being claustrophobic and having very bad anxiety. Good things about the school include the prep for college and the fact that they allow you to take dual credit courses. The food was also pretty decent food even if you are an overly picky eater like me. The faculty was about half/half on who actually seemed to care about the students. Sports are very huge at this school. If you are into acting, it is fun here but for the longest time we had no resources whatsoever to help us theatre kids out. There are not many extracurricular to choose from, most are focused around sports and community service so if you're into that, then you'll love it here.
What I really enjoy about Clifton High School is that because it is a smaller school, everybody knows one another. Whether it’s the faculty or the students. There we are all one and that is what’s great. Something I would like to see change would be more extracurriculars such as soccer, dance, etc. although I do realize that we do not have the money for those things, it would be nice to have other options.
Over the last three years, I have been able to build relationships along with my peers, teachers and the awesome administration, by doing this I have had the awesome pleasure of being Club President of the Photography club during the 2016-2017 school year, and being apart of the yearbook team at the high school where I have been able to further explore my interest in Sport photography and my schools spirt. I am now realizing that my time here at the school is coming to an end, and I am trying to get my career plan set and the school has done an awesome job to help me get there from the first time when I walked into the school as a freshman, and I believe with time I think I can reach the goal that I set years ago in the next year, with the help from CHS
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I had a great time at this school! The teachers are so nice, but what i would like to see changed would have to be if they are going to make dress code rules to stick by them and if they aren't going to stick by the rules of the dress code then just don't have them.
All the teachers in Clifton aren't a set teacher, so sometimes you end up having the same teacher for different classes and different grades. Overall they are nice and understanding that we are busy with outside activities. Most teachers have a consistent grading system. The teachers in Clifton are chill and the stereotype of a small town community, which is a great thing to have. We all come together when tragedies happen and the teachers are very supportive.
The different classes offered is okay, but I certainly had to go out of my way to try and take harder classes. Every year I have had a scheduling problem due to the types of classes I take, since no other student takes my same course load, or does the same activities as me.
Like most high schools, there are certainly cliques, but most students know each other and are friendly to each other. Since it's a Texas school there are mainly two major ethnic groups in my school: Caucasian and Mexican, my school is not very diverse outside of that. We have a few about two or three students who are outside hetero-normal standards, but they are relatively quiet about it since this is a very conservative town, but there has never been any outward aggression or anger toward them from what I;ve seen. They're treated like everybody else.
There are a lot of organized extracurricular clubs, student run clubs, and

different groups. The quality of the different clubs and organizations vary, but the best thing about the school is that students are able to be a part of a lot of different clubs without undergoing the pressure to "choose one."
While the school certainly has its problems, I am able to be a part of a lot of different clubs and organizations, the school does not make me choose. One really downside is that I'm not really pushed by my school to excel, I have to push myself, which can be very mentally exhausting when it doesn't feel like I have my school and administrators full support.
Some teachers are absolutely fantastic and truly go above and beyond to make sure the students learn, but for others it is simply another paycheck. For a few teachers, they have another job in the school besides teaching and it's obvious that they care more about the other job, which can cause their teaching skills to suffer.
have had good experiences in the band and on the baseball team
food choices could be more appealing - sometimes run out of food
the policies are in place for bullying, dress code, etc, but not enforced as it should be
football is the focus; other sports are available such as baseball and basketball
some teachers are very interested in students and do a great job of teaching; some are less so
Athletics - baseball, basketball, football, track, golf, tennis

national honor society


I don't really have much to do with athletics.
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The food is ok. Not great but you wont die from it.
Its ok. The bus driver lacks on so many levels.
The after school activities are a relaxing way to unwind.
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