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Clifton-Clyde Senior High School Reviews

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Clifton-Clyde has a great community, surrounded by an amazing support system. It is a small school, so everyone gets along very well with each other. Teachers and staff are always willing to help you, no matter what your situation might be.
I like the small size. Variety of classes offered. 8 lunch options per day plus a la cart items. Lots of activities and sports teams to be part of.
It's lovely. The staff members are all very helpful, especially the school counselor. They made it easy to decide on my future.
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I really enjoyed my experience at Clifton-Clyde High School. It is a very personal and very one-on-one school. Any help that you could ever need is offered by the teaching staff and administration in this high school school. For most kids high school is not an amazing experience but with the help of all of the generous and loving peers around me, my experience was great.
For the amount of students that attend Clifton-Clyde, there are enough clubs and organizations to keep you busy. Normally the organizations do very well against larger schools and I count the times I had with them as very valuable to my future career.
I have had a good experience with how high school prepared me for college. The classes I took in my senior especially, such as Economics and Calculus, helped a TON with college and my first semester was basically a review of the things I learned in high school. I have also learned from others that the classes that are offered at CCHS that were most beneficial to me aren't offered at some other high schools, which gives students that attend this high school an advantage.
The most prevalent policy would be the cell phone policy. It isn't very effective, as students don't respect the policy and therefore can seem like a waste of time.
Due to lack of funding, the building isn't in top condition, however it works. There is ample technology and our tech guy is the best and is very accommodating. The guidance counselor is always ready to help and gives good advice and is very helpful when it comes to finding and applying for scholarships. For college prep, there is always something going on, whether it be the teachers going over ACT prep in class, or meetings with admissions representatives in the library.
Hardly anyone actually eats the food.
It's slowly getting better. It wasn't very good for awhile.
Our sports teams are very committed to the sport.
At the beginning of the year they do great but relax more as the year goes on.
The school facilities that are available to students include technology. Any student has access to a laptop while in school. There is also a number of iPads in each classroom that are also available to the students. For the amount of money that my school has, I found these facilities to be helpful in furthering my education. They also keep these facilities up to date and in good condition.
The teachers at my school are beyond phenomenal. Every single one of the teachers wants nothing other than the best for the students. They are willing to work later hours just to help students. They are fun and loving. I am glad I have had the opportunity for them to teach me. I feel that my academic level of education would be lower than it is now if I had any other teachers.
The athletic opportunities are limited at my school. The reason why this is, is because of such a low number of students attending the school. As well as lack of funding. The sports programs we have now I believe are successful. There has been many times where students have tried to add new sports to our school. So far sports options have not changed. I would like to see new opportunities but I am satisfied with the choices we have now. The school spirit is like any other school, you have the preppy people and you have the not so preppy people. Overall, school spirit is something everyone in my school shares.
The social scene at my school varies. Many people attending the school all get along, but occasionally not everyone always does. Overall, I feel comfortable with the ones that I am going to school with. I have never felt any real hatred from any of the students. The students are accepting to new students and open to different diversities. I would not trade the students at my school for anyone else.
There is a diverse amount of classes that are offered to the students. The teachers make sure that the level of difficulty is well suited in preparation for college. The teachers base their scheduling process over the students activities. It takes an amount of effort and participation to achieve a passing grade.
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I don't know who I would be today if it wasn't for my school. I have had so many great experiences through my school as well as memories. The friends I have made through this school are friends for life. I have gained valuable knowledge and was motivated by the teachers and facility to always do my best. I have no doubt in my mind that I would most certainly attend here again.
Although there is few organizations and clubs, the clubs and organizations that we do have are exceptional. There is a large group of student participation and the club leaders and teachers are supportive and motivating in these clubs and organizations.
I feel safe and secure in my high school. Lock down safety practices are common several times per month. There has been no threats, or warnings of danger or crime in the school. If there was the school would be sure to react responsibly in order to keep us safe. The teachers are caring and would do everything in their power to protect us. I don't think I can feel anymore safer in a school than I do now.
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